Sundogs… Going to celebrate this weekend!

I’m home sick and sun deprived! I’ve spent the past week in cold, snowing and gray Ann Arbor Michigan during the worst snow storm of the year! (so I’m told!)  I’m just trying to imagine the sun soaking into my bones, and smelling Todd’s mesquite grill!  I cannot wait to be back in Todd’s Backyard!!!

Lulu BlissHang in there Lulu!…Mommy will be home to enjoy the afternoon happy hour with you soon!!

The BoysSoak up some sun for me!

ToddCelebration this weekend!….with a beer and a BBQ! I can’t wait!!

2 thoughts on “Sundogs… Going to celebrate this weekend!

  • Wow, I’m homesick for Todd’s Backyard now! That grill looks amazing and Todd looks like he means business! The photos are so beautifully done…it has been so fun to visit TBY! Er, and now I’m curious as to why you’re in AA Michicgan?


    • Caroline!…You must be the first TBY fan! I’m so excited someone is actually coming back and visiting!!!Thanks! Wait till you see whats to come…we have years of amazing photos to share. That’s why we wanted to start this blog! I’m going to start selling prints and t-shirts soon. Keep posted!


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