A Sunny Sunday Afternoon…

Finally….the weather is perfect! About 72 degrees, light breeze and lots of sun! Everything is getting ready to blossom. The citrus trees, the cactus, the wild flowers. Todd and I sat out on the porch considering all of the projects to come. While we pondered, I got some great pics! Here’s a sample of our lovely  Sunday afternoon….

The bees are busy! The aloe and lantana are already abloom!


Todd’s discussing one of his next projects. In case you might be wondering why he’s wearing safety glasses, he’s almost poked his eye out twice in the last month on a hackberry bush! After several doctor’s visits and lots of meds, I guess he figured it was about time to take some precautions!

Bun in the sun….waiting for some fun!!

“Mr. Woodrow Peckerhead”

The fierce Chi-yote!  Surveying her kingdom and enjoying the afternoon.

Hopefully we’ll have about 6 weeks of this perfect weather! Guess that’s what Arizona is all about. Better enjoy it now though, because 100+ degrees will be upon us before you can say ” Hot Friggity Dog!”

One thought on “A Sunny Sunday Afternoon…

  • oh k like we have SNOw in NM! Last night was prom (yes too early) and our basketball team was in the state Championship! They WON but it was so cute as the prom attentdees packed the Pit before heading to the dance! GO LOBOS!
    This looks like paradise!


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