A little before and after….

This is one of Todd’s most recent projects…

I was thinking about this today, because I was drinking my afternoon sangria, enjoying Todd’s “Water Feature”…. About  a year ago, Todd  pulled the hot tub out and realized there might be the perfect spot for a little oasis style eye candy! . After many months of deliberation, moving rock around and pondering the pond, Todd hired an expert to  finish it off!  It was done last fall, but with winter coming on, we really did not enjoy it until…..Today?

All the critters are certainly enjoying!

And I’m sure that we’ll enjoy the sound of running water this summer, even when the water is boiling, it will still sound cool!

One thought on “A little before and after….

  • Jenny,

    You are a fabulous photographer.
    I am an old family friend of Todd’s from Michigan.

    It’s pleasing to see not only the beauty you’ve captured with your lense at your home, but the amazing love you and Todd have for one another.

    You are a blessing!
    What a great web-site.


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