Birds of a Different Feather…Flock together!

Some of the most vivid stand-outs of Todds’ Backyard, are the many Cardinals that frequent the feeders and foliage. Most folks don’t immediately think of a Cardinal as a desert resident…..although, we do have the ‘Arizona Cardinal’ football team- I guess that’s appropriate! The Cardinals (birds, not NFL athletes), bright red, flaming heads, dot the yard among the green cactus and brush….It’s always a bit of a rush to see them!

The cousin of the cardinal is the Pyrrhuloxia…

Similar…I think most would think that this is a female Cardinal…We did for a while, until we were set straight by our neighbor’s grandson, when he was about 10 years old. Since then, we can tell the difference.

Recently, we’ve been capturing a lot of interesting photos…at first, we thought that it was the male and female Cardinal….

But, take a little closer look and it’s a male Pyrrhuloxia and a male Cardinal.

Maybe they’re starting their own new team!

Go Cardinaloxias!

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