Here’s to Life!

Easter is here. A day of celebration. A day to utterly appreciate everything- family, friends, experiences, opportunities and everything in between. Life is amazing! Miracles  never cease. Maybe I’m just getting old! But,honestly,  I never thought that a barren desert yard could come back to life every Spring and still  blow me away!

Colors are everywhere!

These are the outrageously odorous orange blossoms…See the tiny oranges in the center of the blossoms?

The blossoming plants aren’t the only colorful springtime eye candy!

Even the sprouting cactus growth is brilliant!

Rebirth, Redemption, Rejoicing, Re-energizing, Remembering, Realizing?…This has to the Reason for this season!

Happy Easter!

4 thoughts on “Here’s to Life!

  • Incredible. Again, so beautiful! I’ve only seen a cardinal on a couple of occasions here in Cornville. Any ideas how I can attract them to my yard? I have one pine tree, lots of crucifixion and mesquite trees. The bald-eagles are back and we have plenty of robins (I think they’re robins though they’re not all red, just the head and breast). Well, at least I can see all the cute critters and pretty flowers at your place!

    Thanks for sharing the lovely, lovely pics and I hope your Easter was as lovely as Todd’s Backyard!



    • Caroline…hope you guys had a happy Easter as well…Our day was really nice!
      I’m not quite sure what attracts the Cardinals, but I do know that they enjoy the wild bird seed Todd throws out (the rabbits enjoy this as well). We have them year around, so they must like something around here!
      Thanks for your nice comments and taking the time to enjoy the blog!


  • Such beautiful pictures, Rondi! You have such a good eye. Has the big cactus blossoms opened yet?? Thanks so much for yesterday, it was a perfect day!


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