Aaaaauuhhhhh! Trantulaaaa!

We’ve witnessed a lot of amazing things in Todd’s Backyard, but this had to one of the most creepy/crazy things we had ever seen….

I think this guy a male tarantula. They’re not mature until they are 10 years old! Then they leave their burrows.This on was wandering the desert looking for love… and he found it! (If that’s what you could call it!)

( Notice the fangs on the one on the right!)

Oh yes, it was love at first bite? As Mr. Tarantula wandered past the female’s burrow, she literally leapt out and pounced on him! A ‘struggle’ ensued for about 10 minutes, then the female went back in her hole and the male wandered up to the porch. Now, I’m told that the female bites the male, and the male dies. I guess at least the little guys have their 10 years of life prior….what a way to go out! The female apparently lives for up to 20 years!

Come out! Come out, where ever you are!…We’ve recently noticed this new burrow, so perhaps we will get to see our furry little friends again!

5 thoughts on “Aaaaauuhhhhh! Trantulaaaa!

  • hahahahahahaha Creeeeeepy! LOVE IT! My last day of the season at The Raptor Free Fight Programt we walked up to a rattle snake who was not pleased to see us, and then came upon a scorpion! All in one day, It was awesome!! The Desert is INCREDIBLE!! You just have to SEE the beauty in it, which isn’t hard!!


  • OK, that photo of Todd with the tarantula should be THE Todd’s Backyard T-shirt that everyone should have! There are the other t-shirts with the beautiful shots and artwork, and then there is the Big Kahuna himself, showing us how things really are behind the scenes. It’s a screen saver (or scream saver! I’m so funny) at the very least.


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