Just Hatched and Ready to Go!

As I returned to my desert home, after a long week in Michigan, I was thrilled to learn that the baby quail have started to hatch! Soon Todd’s Backyard will be a  bustling blur of little balls of fuzz, darting from the protective underbellies of cactus and shrubs. Unfortunately, they tend to go from families as big as 12, to about 3, in a very short time, as they make delicious bite sized snacks for all the local predators.

Todd captured pics  of this little family soon after the babies just hatched…

They need to warm up a bit in the sun, before their first trek though the desert…When they have to scurry after their mom as fast as their little legs can carry them. But the sun wasn’t getting them warmed up enough…

So the entire group tries to crawl under mom…

And they succeed!….Except for one cold little baby bottom!

It’s reassuring, knowing that they have a little loving support and protection as they start their new lives!

Here’s to a fresh start and and newly hatched endeavors!

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