Treasured Time!…Temporarily Todd’s Backyard…

We took a short vacation from Todd’s Backyard, to enjoy 3 days spending treasured time with family and taking in the tranquil beauty of the beach just south of the border!

3 Days…We smelled the salty breeze. We listened to the pulsing waves and screeching of the seagulls and pelicans. We felt the moist heat soak into our bones… Playa la Jolla…It’s a totally different world than Todd’s Backyard!

While in Mexico, we did enjoy the peaceful playa playground…

A different landscape..

Some different foliage…


Very different wildlife…



A blue button

Flying Fish…

A Flying Boy???

But as different the environment was, we were continuously reminded of our desert home….We brought Todd’s Backyard t-shirts to Megan, Evan and Andrew (niece/nephews), who we were blessed to spend time with on our too-short family vacation.

We did find a little ‘treasure’ to bring back home….

Well, we really wanted Megan to come back home with us….

But we did bring home one new addition to Todd’s Backyard!….A lovely ceramic tortuga!

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