Todd’s Little Helper

We had a surprise visitor with us for a couple of days last week…Todd’s 3 year old niece Ariel! She came down with her dad (Todd’s brother, Spike), who needed to recover in a peaceful place, after having his tonsils out. OUCH! Under the circumstances, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise…. Spike didn’t have much fun, but Ariel did!

She happily followed Todd around helping him, as he did the daily ‘yard chores’….Watering plants, feeding the birds, cleaning the pond, filling the dirtmonkey holes, shooing away the road runners and cow birds, cleaning up dog poop, etc.

Ariel loved every minute! Just like a Disney princess, all the birds and other desert creatures welcomed her into their happy home!

Ariel got to spend a little  time with one of our favorite residents, Jairy….an experience, I’m sure, she will not soon forget!

Todd’s ready to sign her on for permanent yard duty….but he’ll probably have to wait until she’s old enough not to be sleeping on the job!

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