On the Other Side of the Fence

Jairy (Hairy), our friendly javelina, has recently begun to make himself at home on the other side of our electric fence…

Almost every evening, while we sit on the porch, we see him (or I should say smell him), sitting in his favorite spot.  About 30 feet off the porch, under the quail feeder, like he’s part of the family.

We’ll usually wander over to say hi and have a drink with him! Our dogs will sometimes join us for our evening rendezvous. They are curious, but they know to keep quiet and keep their distance.

‘Evening Rondi-vous’

Yesterday morning, I let the dogs out to do their business. While I waited for Baily to wind things up, I was startled to see Jairy, (on our side of the fence) standing about 4 feet away, watching Baily poop! Totally oblivious, Baily waddled back into the house, and I stayed out to see what kind of ‘javoc’ Jairy might create in the yard.

Not surprisingly, his first stop was the birdseed bin. Jairy attempted to nose the lid off, but was unsuccessful.

Next stop…

Delighted to de-leaf a tasty plant…Bad Jairy!

But, before he could totally demolish and polish it off…he sniffed out a tasty quail block.

Mmmmmmmmm! Delectable!…..and satisfying.

Finally, Jairy went back through the fence (BTW, the electricity was not turned on).

With a big grin and full belly, Jairy went on his merry way, to have-a-lina, heated and hair-raising day!

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