We’re almost through the summer, and I feel we are living on borrowed time. 107 degrees today. I’ve been unemployed for 4 months…I’m feeling rather blue. But then, with wine colored glasses, everything appears in shades of purple…

The sky is drenched in monsoon colors, teasing us with the promise of rain,

At least, the Texas Rangers are blooming, keeping beauty in the desert sustained.

Mountains ablaze with dusky splendor, allows our souls, to God, surrender….

To acknowledge beauty everywhere, making our hardened hearts aware,

That  radiant colors can bring great hope to sorrow, something better awaits until tomorrow…

And hopes, just like fruit ripening on the cactus, every year, takes a little growth and practice,

With time, the harshest seeds are sweetened, and overwhelming odds are beaten.

Then we can spread our wings and find our way, turning the blues into purple every day!

A little rhyme without a reason…I’m feeling better now…..OK?

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