Some Awesome Hawk Shots

A burst of birds blasting through the trees with a gust of winged wind….a common occurrence these days. The hawks are on the hunt and they are not timid around humans. Todd has had several up-close and personal ‘brushes’ with a hawk soaring right by him while pursuing it’s prey.

He has also been able to get some great pics!…

We were sitting on the porch yesterday afternoon, when we were surprised by a hawk swooping in and landing on the tree limb just a few feet away! I grabbed the camera and slowly crept towards him for a better shot. To my horror, I then saw his likely meal target….Zoe, our little cat was crouched below, in her wild-cat-hunting mode, thinking she was going to pounce on the hawk!

“Don’t mess with me you silly bird!”…….”I will mess you up!!!”…..”Meow!”

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