Winter Glow

Todd’s Backyard is starting look a little different as Christmas approaches and winter sets in. Surprisingly to some, it’s very festive even before we’ve put up our Christmas lights! Of course, we don’t have the snow, (but then, you never know!). However, we do enjoy the winter glow…

The chilly mornings take on a different hue as the moon rises with the sun. At the same time, to the west, the ‘Christmas Tree of Lights’ sits on the hill overlooking Todd’s Backyard, still lit in the early hours of the morning…

The  winter days tend to warm back up, but the evening and morning chill has taken it’s effect on the desert residents. The dirt monkeys, squirrels, lizards and tortoise are burrowed in, hibernating until spring. Some of the other residents have put on their winter coats….


And for those of us who are not ready to put on our winter duds…Todd created a cozy hangout where we can enjoy the winter season in the warm glow of  friendship, fine wine, and a toasty fire….ahhhhhhh……

We are so looking forward to the Holidays!

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