What the F?

Frozen, Frantic, and Fierce!  Never in the history of our desert region (supposedly since 1913) has it been 15 degrees! We woke up this morning to a frozen desert.Which meant frozen solid hummingbird feeders…which turned our local hummingbirds into some fired up, frantically fighting food fighters!  In other words…they were pissed! We could hear them before we opened the door to a blast of frigid air. Todd rushed out to collect all of the feeders to defrost under hot water…pronto. I went out to help, and could not believe it!  I had not felt this kind of bitter cold since I last visited Michigan last year at this time. And the poor little hummers, in their frenzy for food, were whizzing about. Probably the only way they could stay unfrozen. One little guy buzzed by my head so close I felt his wings on my cheek. The hummingbird  ‘chatter’ was deafening…..We quickly concluded there is nothing as frightening as a huffy heat-deprived hummingbird!

3 thoughts on “What the F?

  • In Frackville , PA we take our t-shirts off IF it ever gets above 15 this time of year . Sure do miss the desert . Add a little Wild Turkey to your HB mix . That will help keep it from freezing up , but you may start drawing a more low-life type of bird (damn crows ) .


  • what the f ? OMG that is so cool!!!cold????
    Rondi..that picture is a greeting card if I ever saw one!!!!! what an expression!!!!!
    yesterday, in Dublin,Tx it was 0 with 2 inches of snow…Today its 22 and the sun is shinning..we are getting ready for the big thaw!!! we are just southwest of ft worth/dallas, hopefully this wind will push the sun over there before the BIG game on Sunday. Wild Turkey sounds very very good to me…that should help thaw things out….who are you and Todd going for…Packers or the Steelers


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