Wingin’ It

February in the desert. It’s that time between Winter and Spring  (I like to call Wing). Or perhaps ‘swing’ would be a better term, as Mother Nature is afflicted with wild mood swings! A few days of freezing cold, iced feeders and blanketed plants. Then a few days of wonderful warmth…all the critters lounging in the sun,  including us, as we don our shorts and flip flops.Then back to our jackets and fleece for another few days.  Every week seems to bring the same crazy temperature cycle. On those freezing days, we opine for the hot days of summer, easily forgetting how we opined in the summer for the cold days of winter! Whatever…we shouldn’t be complaining at all, after watching the national weather news. I mean, really, come on Todd….snap out-of-it! (Ok, I’m just as bad!)

Really, the kind of only depressing thing about this time of year is the rather dreary landscape. Most of the vivid colors have been sapped away, replaced by shades of brown and greenish-grays.

After the frost, the trees have dropped most of their leaves and the cactus are drooping….This is the first year the frost has actually effected the cactus. We hope they will bounce back, otherwise Todd’s gonna have fun clearing out tons (literally)  of dead cactus this spring!

The frostbitten aloe vera have turned into clumps of odd-looking alien plant life….

The barrel blossoms have petrified into spiney little pineapple-like pods….

And  the bones scattered across the yard have become more prominent in the withering landscape.

We should only have to endure our ‘unfavorite’ season for another month or so, but until then, we will keep wingin’ it, week to week! And we can certainly keep optimistic and inspired by the abundance of beauty that still surrounds us , even this time of year!


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