The Hell-Bent Storm!

When the Summer Monsoons start building in the afternoons, they often just tease us with some ominous looking cloud formations.Maybe a little lighting and rumbling. And if we’re lucky, a few spurts of rain. When we await these storms with anticipation, Todd’s favorite expression is: “Maybe this will be the ‘hell-bent’ storm, baby!”

So it figures, that after our own personal ‘storm’, (Todd had an appendicitis while we were in Mexico over the 4th of July), a real tempest would be soon to follow….

It began yesterday afternoon. The clouds started to build and the humidity started to rise. It came upon us suddenly. The wind… then rain, then bigger-harder rain, hail…..

You know it’s a good storm, when the house starts rattling with the deafening sound of rain beating on the skylights. We opened all the screen doors and windows…ahhhh so refreshing! With the hail, the temperature plunged about 20 degrees!

But usually, these things stop as suddenly as they start. A 10 minute burst is usually about all we get!

About 20 minutes later…

Our porch soon became part of the wash. The water started rising throughout the yard…

By this time, our power had gone out and we were getting a little nervous as the water kept rising.

The washes that run through the back of Todd’s Backyard were overflowing. It sounded like we were on the banks of a raging river…And we were!

I think the storm may have lasted for about 40 minutes until, the rain turned to a drizzle and the water started to subside. With the power still off and nothing better to do, Todd and I decided to investigate .


The washes ran for a couple of hours.

We even had a little beach front property for a while…

It’s hard to believe all the critters could survive. Perhaps many of them didn’t. We certainly haven’t seen the usual amount of wildlife activity this morning.

As we walked around Todd’s Backyard after the storm, we encountered many drenched birds…

Todd  plucked a baby bird out of the sand where it had been half buried in a wash. It was still alive, so I scooped it up and got it going…

It seemed to be ok after she warmed up a bit and shook all the sand out. She flew off without  being worse-for-wear.

And Todd, not worse-for-wear in Yasar Arafat mode, hobbled around the yard, still recovering from his appendectomy…

So this morning, after surveying the mess, it looks like I get to help Todd with the cleanup. Thank goodness, we didn’t lose any trees, but there are a few that need to be pulled upright. Let’s hope that this is the only hell-bent storm we get this season or for that matter the next decade….I think one is enough!

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