Fall La Laaaa!

Finally! This morning I stepped out on the porch and it was actually cooler outside than it was inside the house! Ahhhhhh! This is our favorite time of the year and we are ready to enjoy!

 Todd spent the month of August rebuilding his beloved BBQ…

It turned out perfect! Not only better feng shui, but it gives a fresh update to the old view off the porch!

Todd finished it just in time to fire it up on Labor Day!

For the next few months I suspect we will be grilling every weekend on the pit! There is just nothing better than the smell of mesquite grilling in the fall air!

This time of year the air is also buzzing with humming birds…it’s migration time which means  the hummingbird wars ensue! Their noisy banter and fierce ariel battles make it almost scary to sit on the porch! One wrong move and you could be impaled by a hummingbird!….Really! We’ve heard that has happened!

(click on photo)

Now, if the hummingbirds would just stay awake all night and guard their feeders from the bats, it might save Todd the hassle of taking the feeders down and hiding them…This is also migration season for the bats! They will drain the hummingbird feeders every night!

I guess it’s fitting that the bats make their appearance as Halloween gets closer. As do the toads…when it rains. We finally got up close and personal with the ‘creature’ from the desert hallows…

It’s been surprisingly rainy! The monsoons ended with a bang. We had a few more ‘bent hell’ storms before the official end of the season!

And even with the official end of monsoon, we’ve had some nice little rains! Hopefully, we will have a wet winter, not a frozen one, like we had last year. That freeze really effected our fall harvest this year! No mesquite beans, very few prickly pear fruit and we will have no oranges in January 😦

The few prickly pear fruit we did have were quickly picked by the birds…

A terrible pricklydicament!!! No prickly pear margaritas for us!

And no tasty fruit treats for Gerti. Last year she was able to gorge herself on the P.P. fruit before she hibernated. This year, she did get a few hibiscus flower treats.

She’ll have another month or so before she goes to sleep for the winter, so hopefully we can find her something else nutritious to supplement her grass diet….And hopefully we can find something to supplement our happy hour cocktails since we are sans P.P. margaritas for the season!


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