A Colorful Countdown to Christmas

With exactly 2 weeks until Christmas,we were just starting to get into that Holiday mood. A nice little winter storm swept through last week, leaving the Santa Ritas with a dusting of snow…

It was  beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  We turned on the Christmas tunes and fired up our newly converted fireplace (took out the gas and went to wood, so we could get a little more heat this winter). Todd has spent the last couple months stocking up with mesquite, pecan and oak planks so we can stay warm and cozy until spring…

How much wood, would Todd stack good, if Todd could stack good wood good? ( hee, hee!) 

Well…anyway…we were all set to cuddle up for the Holiday season, and break out the eggnog and sweaters. But, this weekend, the weather warmed back up and brought with it some colorful bursts of earlier fall, that lured us out of our winter revery!

Well, WTF…So much for Christmas lights…

Butterflies and blossoms will make our season bright! And I hope that Santa brings the sangria!

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