A Very Merry Christmas!

Well…Considering everything, it’s a pretty darn amazing Christmas!  Abandoned  by the rest of the family that went to Mexico, we stayed here, to enjoy a beautiful day- 69 degrees….I think, but we enjoyed a restful day on the porch- no drama-no craziness!  Very relaxing! If only Santa had brought a new camera, I could have captured the most amazing pic…but I will share anyway!  A little  blurry, but this is our view off the porch at 6 pm…

The lighted tree we see every year that is perched on the  mine that sits behind the house…to the left is the sliver of a moon, and then you can see the Christmas star just to the upper left! This could have been a better picture, but I had to share it anyway.  Merry Christmas to all….and all a good night!

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