Last Sunday, the first day of the new year, I sat on the porch trying to get inspired. For some reason, I’m just not that into 2012. Not just because it’s supposed to mark the end of the world on the Aztec calendar (in fact, the big New Year’s Eve party in Tucson was called Aztec Apocalypse) which in itself, is not a very optimistic celebratory title.

I had to shake my malaise, so I grabbed the camera and headed out to explore the backyard, thinking that I could capture that New Year’s Cheer in some beautiful photos. I had missed the New Year’s Eve excitement the night before, going to bed at 9:30 pm, trying to stay awake watching Dick Clark’s New Years Bash, or whatever the hell it was. I had to give it up when they started extolling the virtues the occupy Wall street idiots….Gag! Yeah, that’s great….let’s encourage self pity and class warfare…that’ll surely bring great things this year!

So…anyway… on New Year’s day, I thought I would just occupy Todd’s Backyard and be happy! But, as I scanned the yard, looking for some lovely photo ops, I was having a hard time. The winter blahs have started to ‘brown out’ the lush greenery of Summer/Fall past. And many of the critters are hibernating or gone for the Winter….Ok, a little self pity here…

 I was however, a bit startled when focusing on said dreariness, there was something beautiful here!

I continued my photographic exploration…

I was discovering very interesting,  almost otherworldly  scenes through the lens of the camera! A kind of beautiful ugliness, if you will.

My imagination started to kick in, my spirits lifted!

The moon among the rocks?

A coyote head in the cholla bones?

A rock garden atop a weathered table!

I was on a roll…then I smelled him…

I turned around, and of course, what could be more thrilling than a javelina snuffling among the garden sculptures…

And the aroma!….Immediatly  brought me back to thoughts of the ‘occupied’ people….Aaauuurrrrrggh!

Ok, snap out of it!

Life is good!

Be Happy!….Beaugliful!

3 thoughts on “Beaugliful!

  • Happy New Year Rondi and Todd!! I have to agree this 2012 is a hard year to get a grip on….with all the Aztec stuff goin on…I turned on the tv on Jan 1st..and they were showing the “bunker conspiracy” have you seen that yet?
    You know that missle site that is right by you? is it still giving tours? or have they closed it? it might be turned into underground condos!! for real…they are selling them as fast as they remodel them….I dont think I’ll get in line for that……instead…Im gonna fasten my seat belt and hold on tight and enjoy this life…happiness is the meaning of life….bee happpy this year!!! Do the things you LOVE to do…keep takin those show the beauty all around us…even if it smells ….


    • Hey Patty! Happy New Year! I should look into that missle silo! Although, like you, I’m not making any reservations…I’ll take my chances and keep praying. And believe me, I am doing the things I LOVE to do…I’ve been sooo lucky the past year! Hope all is well with you and your family….best wishes and love to you all!


      • thanks for responding!!! I miss you guys so much!!! this year will be eventful whether or not the aztec calender has anything to do with itr…i was inducted into the board of directors of the chamber of commerce here in dublin and that might be mybiggest feat in life up to this point except for my two beautiful kids but guess what i got slammed by scott and amber tonight go figure…this is what comes when you are not in total belief of who you are…maybe…. no…this year 2012 is the year to believe in your inner soul….. i want my inner soul take over respect it Ilove you guys!


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