Wicked Winds from the West

It’s almost March and that can only mean one thing here in the desert southwest…wind! The temps are variable this time of year. Last week it got into the 80’s! But everyday that creeps closer to March, no matter what the temperature, it’s always accompanied by gusts that ruin any pleasure of sitting on the porch to enjoy a nice sunny day.

It’s not like March is the only time we experience winds. During the monsoons we get those pre-storm mini hurricanes called haboobs. They start and end abruptly as the thunderheads pass over bringing with it some cool relief from the Summer heat.  But March winds are different….a constant curse, blowing dust and pollen….and just a bummer!

Hold on little hummers…hold on! Summer will be here before you know it!

One thought on “Wicked Winds from the West

  • Love it Rondi! I really like the wicked witch in there, but that little hummer is pretty wind blown!. The red leaf in front looked like a pair of lips at first, but after looking at it a couple more times, I saw the mesquite leaves and the javalina, and is that the tortoise or is it a horny toad? Cute, cute!


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