8:15 am…I was getting ready to write a new post on this beautiful Sunday morning, cat lounging at my side, cup of coffee in hand. But what to blog…what to blog? I got up briefly, to visit the back porch for a few moments, hoping to get inspired. When I came back to my computer I was somewhat amazed to  see that the cat, Zoë had already started it for me… with the title. Hmmm…what could it mean?  635=]\  ok…she just ran across the keyboard again! Apparently, she really wants to help me write this!

Zoë, by no means, is an outdoor cat. But, she does spend a bit of time with us sitting on the porch and socializing with the neighbors. She has a big crush on our neighbor’s cat Chessy, but whenever they’ve met, they both run their separate ways. Although, Zoe does like to watch for him from afar!

She’s either looking for Chessy or Bob (the bobcat) who she gets a glimpse of every now and then, from her indoor, front window perch! So, anyway, what might Zoë tell you about Todd’s Backyard on this wonderful Sunday morning?

Spring is springing and it’s simply meowvelous! It’s all about the birds, bunnies and blossoms!

The humming birds are migrating through, creating an irresistible flurry of activity!

The bunnies are hoppin’ and soon the babies will be poppin! An event all of the local cats are very much looking forward to!

Little bursts of color are sprouting about, as the wild flowers make their spring time debut…

It’s all so lovely…. eh hem…

OMG!I just figured out what Zoë is trying to tell me! Poor kitty is way past due for her spring time hairdo!


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