The Peckasso Phenomenon

We have had the rare opportunity to witness this before in Todd’s Backyard….and have blogged about it. An event that we are occasionally treated to… an art exhibit that can only be explained as miraculous. We have dubbed it ‘the Peckasso Exhibit’…a collaborative creative effort of the local birds and squirrels, to create a monumental work of art, skillfully chiseled from a block of seed.

The last masterpiece was unveiled in September of 2010… you can check out the post titled Crazy, Creepy or Just Amazing. These Peckasso exhibits must be viewed at exactly the right moment to experience, and appreciate, the full magnitude of talent!

It was just a few days ago that we were fortunate to glimpse the most recent creation, which in my opinion is the most exquisite work to date!

Click on the image below to reveal the work entitled, simply, Dove.

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