Slightly Rattled

Yesterday morning, Todd went out to feed the birds and had an alarming encounter…

Even though it wasn’t rattling, it was obviously a rattle snake. You can tell by the shape of his head. Todd discovered him sitting under the bird feeder, right off of our porch. Needless to say, not a good place for this guy to be hanging out! We love snakes and appreciate the job they do in keeping down the pack rat, mice and dirt monkey population. But a 4 foot killer snake sitting just off of your porch is not appreciated….so Todd eliminated the threat with a shot to the head. Sad, but better him than us, or our pets!

As long as the rattle snakes keep their distance, they can live a long happy life in Todd’s Backyard!

RIP Mr. Snake…You will make a beautiful hatband!. (Our neighbor is tanning the skin.)

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