Smile!…If You’re a Reptile :) >

Reptiles love me!

What can I say…Must be my cold blooded personality!  I actually love my cold blooded friends as well! There’s a very large collared lizard (about 12″ from top of head to tip of tail), that comes up on our porch every afternoon and waits for me to bring him a grape. He even eats it out of my hand! I call him Señor Lizardo….

He scares the crap out of unsuspecting visitors when he sneaks up on a table full of guests, begging for his daily treat! He may be a little scaley, but he really, is not scarey!

Of course my best reptile buddy is Gerti, our resident desert tortoise!

She has quite the life in her walled garden habitat! A habitat that she shares with many other lucky critters who figure out how to get in.  After Gerti gets a walk every afternoon, she returns to her garden where she gets a fabulous salad of leafy greens, cucumbers (fresh from Todd’s garden) and a prickly pear fruit!

A meal fit for royalty! And Gerti is a princess 🙂 She has been eating a LOT this summer! But, I guess we don’t really need to worry about her getting fat…she does have a built in ‘turtle girdle’!

Yes I do love the reptiles….Ahhh lizards, tortoises and…


Our other resident reptiles include a variety of snakes!  Todd has recently stumbled upon 2 huge rattlesnakes (4ft+) that decided to hang out right off of our porch….Bad choice on the snakes part! Would love to be friends, but….If you can kill us….sorry!

He will make a great hat band!

Here’s the kind of snakes we do love…Bull snakes! They eat rattlesnakes!

We found this gorgeous guy curled up in a cactus, probably after a nice meal of dirt monkeys and mice! Last year, we had one bull snake that used to come up and hang out under the refrigerator in our outdoor kitchen! Haven’t seen him there this year, but perhaps the porch has become a little  crowded with too many cool critters!

This guy would like to think he’s cool, but, a reptile, you are not! The ‘Creature from the Desert Hollows’ has a new name since the wet monsoon season has turned him into a slimy blob of goo- Jabba the Toad. Sorry dude…I really don’t like you, especially now that I’ve had to pick you up and toss you off of the porch a couple of times!
Auuuggghhhh! Yuck!

One thought on “Smile!…If You’re a Reptile :) >

  • Rondi, the pictures are so clear and impressive! I would love to have a “coffee table” book called Todd’s Backyard, man, would that be cool!!??
    I’m not sure I could share a glass of wine on the back porch
    with Senor’ Lizardo, though!


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