A Boy and A Grill…A Love Story

Summer is coming to an end….A slow and agonizing end. We witness it’s death a little each day with the slightly cooler temperatures in the mornings and slightly earlier sunsets in the evenings. We are not sad to see Summer’s passing, as once again, we will be able to enjoy the pleasures of outdoor living and social soirees on the porch. Summer always tries her hardest, every year, to put a damper on our lifestyle and destroy a love affair that can never be denied…

The love of a boy and his grill!

Todd has had this ongoing affair since he built his grill when we moved in the house 9 years ago. Since then, together, they have created mouth-watering magic that has been epic! Of course, it takes more than just love for this kind of magic…

It takes meat! Lot’s of meat!

Like the carne asada feast prepared for Cinco de Mayo

Or steaks! Raw and unashamed!

Mmmmmm…..the ribs! Fall off the bone and melt in your mouth goodness!

So, tomorrow is Labor Day! The symbolic end of Summer and a celebration beckons! And I am thinkin’ chicken!

And if we can’t yet beat the heat, at least we still can’t beat the meat!!

Happy End of Summer!

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