Here Kitty Kitty!

It was a beautiful fall afternoon! Yesterday, we enjoyed the perfect time of year with and an old friend we hadn’t seen in 1o years, and some new friends that he brought with him. They happen to be avid bird watchers and were thrilled with the photo ops that Todd’s Backyard provided! We were hoping that the javelina, or perhaps if we were lucky, the bobcat, might stop by and give them a real thrill! But that didn’t happen…until about 5 minutes after they left! We were treated to a visit from the ‘big kitty’, Bob!

Sometimes he’s rather hard to spot, but luckily we spied him, spying us!

Once he realized he had been discovered, he casually got up and strolled into view, as if to show off his superior status as king of the desert! Such a gorgeous creature! He was obviously not too concerned that I was following him with my camera, clicking away, trying to get a good shot!

Feeling like the paparazzi, my excitement grew that he posing for me! I called out to him, “Here kitty kitty!”  His stubby tail flicked and he turned around and looked at me like, hmmmm really? For a minute, I thought he might actually come! Then I thought OMG, what would I do if he did?

But, of course, cats will be cats, or kings will be kings, and with a flip of his tail he turned his back and I was dismissed.

And off he strolled, back into his desert kingdom, hopefully to be seen again, another day.

This morning we were  horribly distressed to hear from our neighbor, that a bobcat was dead in the road, hit by a car! He and Todd went to get it out of the road. Upon their return, I was somewhat relieved to find out it was NOT this cat, but a younger, much smaller cat. Still, we are so saddened to see this happen!  Be safe Bob!

One thought on “Here Kitty Kitty!

  • Hi Rondi and Todd! That really sucks that we missed Bob!!!! We had such a nice time with ya’ll and forgot to get your phone number! We love your back yard blog and so grateful we got to see the real thing and to meet such nice people!


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