It’s a Prickly Paradise!

The cactus popped a little early, it’s an awesome event we look for yearly. Gorgeous blossoms bursting everywhere(y), make these prickly plants just a little less scary ūüėČ


Prickly pear cactus are most commonly seen, yellow flowers on the purple and red¬†flowers on green.¬†Perfectly contrasting colors on a¬†color wheel, and when it happens in nature it’s truly ideal!


Other cacti that grow wild¬†in the¬†yard, like the buckhorn and cholla we can’t disregard. Although, these are the ¬†barbed beasts we try to avoid, this time of year they can be enjoyed!…


But, the real show stoppers are that are almost hypnotic,¬†are¬†the blossoms on cactus that are more exotic…


For instance, our¬†Argentine Giant, we call the Jacktus, has the largest blossoms of all the cactus! Sometimes 8 inch blossoms dwarf ¬†it’s appendage, making it look like some strange¬†awkward assemblage!

Our neighbors have some exotic-tacular¬†cactus blossoms , the kind that gets lot’s of “Eeeews!” and “Awesome!”s. We get to enjoy them when we go over to visit. My exclaimation is just simply, “Exquisite!”


These pretty pricklies¬†are a variety of Echinopsis.¬†They grow into a beautiful blossoming cacti colossis! Perfect for a cactus garden..”EXCUSE ME, WHAT?!!” …a cactus garden? “I beg, your pardon’.

Varieties¬†have names like ‘Red¬†Torch‘ and ‘First¬†Light’, the¬†Echinopsis¬†cactus are a desert garden delight!


With ¬†a blossoming landscape in the month of May, it’s always a reminder, the heat’s on the way. But we can enjoy this¬†prickly paradise, beautiful for sure, but a word to the wise…

These flowers are for admiring while still on the cacti…Picking them is extremely painful…and that’s a fact(i) ūüėČ


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