Everythingz Fuzzy!

Warning:  If you suffer from Spring Allergies, just looking at these photos might bring tears to your eyes! 

Though beauty abounds in the  Desert Spring, we sometimes endure it with a little sting. When the temperature rises and starts to prickle, our noses start running and twinge with a tickle. Budding plants, ready to burst with a buzz, are covered with soft and treacherous fuzz!

100_6717Treesy Sneezy!! The acacia is the worst! However, it smells delightful, such a terrible curse!


The creosote bush has small balls (and a bunch!) They might lack in size, but pack a mighty pollen punch!


But, some budding beasts will compensate our misery with a spectacular show of nature’s wizardry!


These small sleeping gremlins perched atop the Argentinian Giant, shed their furry coats as they wake up and burst into a floral triumph!



The furry buds below look  much the same…


Until they burst out into their splendorous brilliant flame!


Itchy eyes, runny nose, sinus headache, God only knows! Although we suffer through the season, there’s always a rhyme to the reason!  🙂

Where ever you are, what ever you do, ride out the Spring…God Bless and aaaaa…. aaaaaa….AAAAACHHHOOOooo!





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