Gotta Keep Believing!


Change….Evolution…Everything begins and comes to an end….And then it begins again, sometimes when we least expect it! Life’s cycles should be expected, but are usually unpredictable. Like life in the desert. The seasons come and go, bringing with them lovely mild moments and breathtaking sunsets to the searing heat and ferociously destructive bursts of the Summer monsoons! Always changing and adapting, but forever surviving!

There is something comforting in that. I believe that there is always a purpose and a reason for everything! We have recently been faced with  a major life change forcing us to make profound adjustments. The stress is overwhelming. We may be faced with the decision to sell our home and leave Todd’s Backyard to someone else’s loving care. But, even if that happens, there will always be a ‘Todd’s Backyard’…somewhere. We will always find beautiful and fascinating material to keep this blog alive wherever we end up.

But, I do believe God gives us signs and direction if you pay attention. And, I am paying attention!  I am going to follow the path he has chosen, but it’s not going to be easy! Giving thanks with a joyful heart to the opportunities we are given will be the key!  So, with my trust in God,  I will  face the future with bright optimism and peace.

And for anyone else going through ‘prickly times’ I found these 5 mantras for surviving them:

  1. All situations are temporary- everything is always in transition!
  2. There is no wrong decision- what is meant to be will be.
  3. You have survived difficult times before- Think about how you got through them.
  4. Be still and know- Be in the now- don’t worry about the future, concentrate on the present. Take one step at a time!
  5. Trust the guidance of the universe- Choose to believe where you are is OK!

3 thoughts on “Gotta Keep Believing!

  • That is beautifully written, Rondi. I am praying too that you will be able to keep your beautiful home and continue to be our amazing neighbors.


  • Even the destruction from wildfires brings positive new life to the land it ravages. Like the mythical Phoenix, from destruction comes new life. Every change in my life has turned out for the best, even if it didn’t seem it at the time. Hope you keep your current Todd’s Backyard, but if not I’ll be waiting to see it’s new incarnation somewhere else. Wish you both luck no matter what.


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