This Little Piggy

There was a little piggy that needed a home. He was living in a city apartment when he was 9 weeks old. But, the people he lived with realized he may get too big. An apartment is no place for a pot belly pig. So, Todd and I pondered and gave it some thought….An addition to the family, in our new home…why not?

So, we brought little Buddy home to Todd’s Backyard playground,  where a pig’s paradise, he happily found.  A new pal that spoke pig with her puggley snorts, Daisy has become a pig mother of sorts….


We found very quickly, Buddy was funny and smart. He has a big belly and an equally big heart. He doesn’t like to be held, but he loves love and treats. He goes potty outside and eats when the dogs eat. He has his own bed…It’s really quite neat!

IMG_2222We taught him to sit and be a good boy. But he had a little problem…his boy part, he liked to deploy. So we had to take him in and get his boy parts snipped. So if he want’s a girlfriend, he’s no longer equipped!  But he has his stuffed sloth with which he tumbles and plays. When he was not eating, pooping or sleeping, that’s how he spent his day….


Buddy’s been with us for a few weeks. He’s settled right with his grunts and his squeaks. He likes Todd’s backyard, a paradise for a pig. Lots of mud and dirt where he can root, roll and dig.

IMG_2801 (1)

Oh Buddy, oh why….pet pigs are supposed to be clean!  But, pigs will be pigs, that, I guess, we should have foreseen. But regardless, this pig’s charming and funny and we have to admit. He adds lots to our lives, lots of giggles and shit!


….And you probably thought I was going to tell you about the Javelina…


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