Fall’s Floral Fiesta

Monsoon showers bring Fall flowers, a brilliant backyard bouquet! Little did we know, this yard put on a show, with a dazzling desert display!


Around the middle of August, Todd’s Backyard became a forest of lush green. The grass grew tall and through it all, feasting foragers could be seen!

IMG_2439Buddy loves to nosh the tender spouts and wriggle in the grass. Until others come around to claim their ground and kick his piggley ass!…



The greenery got even better, as pops of color started to show. Orange blossoms grew, then flowers of blue… then in all the colors of the rainbow!


IMG_3060Bright and happy Mexican Poppies, brilliant orange and reds….

IMG_2934Gertie, our tortoise’s favorite playground…At least that what she said 🙂


The amazing unicorn flower, we discovered with ewws and ahhhhs… A yellow desert orchid that turns into the Devil’s Claws!!





Blue-hued blossoms are also on display to add to Todd’s Backyard wildflower bouquet.

IMG_3013 (1)Arizona Blue Eyes trail our fence, a lovely disguise to our yard’s defense.

IMG_3065According to my flower book, these could be Desert Bells, but with my lack of plant knowledge, it’s kind of hard to tell!


Pinks and purples round out Todd’s Backyard’s flowery potpourri. Deep rich colors add a little spice to the Fall fiesta esprit!

img_25141.jpg This is Silver Leaf Nightshade. A blossom quite dramatic! To find this in Todd’s Backyard made us both very ecstatic!

img_3237.jpgThese magenta blossoms might just be the brightest on the block. But their name is a little odd…Trailing 4’Oclock?

So with all of this blossoming bounty,  it’s a fiesta every day! We can just go out, walk about and pick an incredible desert flower bouquet!



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