The Gift

he last two years have proven that we’ve been incredibly blessed! Todd’s Backyard is a magical mesquite paradise that we could only have imagined in our dreams!

With spectacular vistas and spellbinding moments that take our breaths away!

Whether it’s a rainbow, a sunset, the wildlife, or just life, we’ve been trying to capture images to share once again, on this blog we have neglected for too long!

It’s taken some time, and a lot of work. Finally, Todd’s Backyard as become a haven for both wild and domestic life! It has attracted the company of both old and new furry, feathered, scaled and mule-tailed friends.

Here’s a few that we had never spotted in the old backyard….

The deer have been especially, special! We didn’t see them much in the yard when we first moved here. Evidently, they’ve come to realize that within these five fenced acres, they are safe!

A herd of about twenty five came through two weeks ago and hung out almost all day! It’s not unusual for one or two to be seen coming though and stopping at the salt block and water dish we’ve put out. But, to look out the window and see a herd this big was startling!

Then, just this morning, we were treated to this breathtaking vision in the front yard….

Two bucks…must be father and son?

And then we have our domestic ‘wildlife’…

Most which you will read more about in future posts!. Much has changed from the ‘old’ backyard. We have lost many of our furry and feathered family members and gained some new…

And of course, still going strong….Gerti, our curiously quirky Desert Tortiose! Who also, BTW, has become Buddy’s buddy!

So, now that we have accumulated the pics and the stories, once again, Todd’s Backyard comes to life….It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

4 thoughts on “The Gift

  • You capture the beauty of all you see, and the glorious haven you create! You are both blessed with such talent, and your generosity to share it with nature’s creatures and with us!!! Luv and miss you both♥️♥️


  • I am happy you love your new place. Wish I could live close to all that beautiful wildlife. What does Gerti like to eat, I just give my tort store bought greens, she didn’t like any of the grasses and bushes I planted. Good luck!


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