What’s Todd’s Backyard?


Todd’s backyard is more than a yard, more than a place. It’s an experience.  We have lived here for 13 years.  On this plot of 1 acre in the southern Arizona desert, we have seen the most amazing , beautiful and even horrifying things…Just off of our back porch! This blog has become an unfolding story about our family and of critters living in a heavenly and harsh desert world.  Over the past few years of writing this blog our family has evolved. We have had some losses and some additions. We lost our dear Cavalier,  Cooper, our little wild cat, Zoe, our rabbits Odie and Coco Puff, and Ginger, one of our chickens. As of now, our family consists of:  Me (Rondi) Todd (The yard master), Baily, an aging Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Lulu, a spunky chihuahua, Daizy, the crazy puggle, a small flock of chickens (3 little chickens  Loretta and Lucielle and a feisty hen Mother Clucker) and the grumpy desert tortoise Gertie. We have also added 3 small desert tortoises- Emerald, Buddy and Buster.

All the photos posted were taken in Todd’s Backyard! Photographers: Todd Kutz and Rondi Kutz

So blessed to have  so much  incredible photographic material!

20 thoughts on “What’s Todd’s Backyard?

  • Looking at the photos from Todd’s Backyard makes me realize how much I truly miss the beauty of the tucked away oasis, but also the comfort and feeling of home provided by the two who live there.
    I miss you guys. I love seeing the place through your eyes.


    • Oh Justine! We miss you so much! I know you are a busy woman, playing in the big leagues…but you know you can always give me a call! Come on down and enjoy the spring with us! This is such a beautiful time of year!


  • You guys had me in tears- the visuals leave me with such amazing memories of times spent in your backyard! The four of us, times I will never ever forget!

    Thank you!


  • Your creative ability never ceases to amaze me. Rondi & Todd – thanks for sharing your little bit of paradise. Miss you guys and hope we can get together soon.


  • Oh my gosh, Rondi and Todd, what an incredible place you have – now I understand why you’ve always loved your backyard! Your Mom just told me about your blog, so I had to visit it…thanks so much for sharing this heavenly beauty!


  • Hi Rondi & Todd: Finally, I have gone online and checked Todd’s Backyard. It is a wonderful reminder that we are blessed to live in such a beautiful place. Best of all, it makes us stop and appreciate the simple beauty in the present moment.

    Thank you so much.


    • Hi Jane! Thanks so much for checking it out! We are certainly blessed to live among such simple beauty. At one point in my life, I would have thought this landscape ugly! I can’t believe I would have ever thought that! Thanks for your wonderful comments!


  • Steve stockburger told me about your website and told me to check it out. I wish my backyard had all that wildlife in it. We have squirrels and rabbits and aground hog and several birds and we used to have a family of red fox that lived across the street.I live in missouri.


  • Loved reading about Gerti, please give an update. My new Tort went to hibernate on Nov 3 and came out March 7, but the weather has been weird so she’s back in her burrow sleeping. She looks healthy, so hopefully she’s just being a reptile. Love your blog, have been reading since the fall and just registered.


    • Hi Phyllis, thanks for reading our blog…glad you enjoy it 🙂
      Gerti has been hibernating since about the first of Nov as well, but we haven’t seen her yet. Last year she didn’t come out until May!Hope she doesn’t wait that long this year, I miss her!


  • I see you have a desert tortoise and chickens. I currently have chickens and am thinking of adopting a tortoise. How well do they get along? Do you have to keep them separate? Have you had any problems? How big was your tortoise when she first started interacting with the chickens? Any advice? Thanks a lot! Your blog is beautiful!


    • Hi, Thanks so much for commenting! We just got our Chickens about a year ago…we’ve had Gerti, our tortoise, for 3 years. They get along ok, but Gerti doesn’t really like the chickens. They like to go into her garden (a semi enclosed space with a low retaining wall,where Gerti lives) and eat the grass. When the chickens go in there, Gerti usually heads to her burrow. One of the Chickens tried to peck her once, but basically, they ignore her. I wouldn’t leave the chickens around Gerti for long and definitely not unattended.


  • Rondi, I love your blog, but for some reason it won’t upload on my computer starting with your “Temper . . .ature” post. I am lucky to be able to get your updates by email, but miss reading the blog itself. Just to let you know. I will be getting a new computer soon and hopefully the problem will resolve itself then. Phyllis P.S. our little tortoises will enter dreamland in about a month, eh?


  • Hi Todd and Rondi,
    Bob and I want to visit AZ during WMU”S spring break, Feb. 27 through March 9 2014. We will be visiting with our St. Joe friends who live in Cave Creek,AZ, Young David and Lisa Kent. Will you guys be around to visit? Please contact at lois.lemon@wmich.edu or 2692715590
    Thanks, I dream in technicolor of our last visit !


  • I stumbled on to your site looking for desert tortoise enclosures……and what a treat I’ve found! This is the most amazing and addictive blog I have ever come across. Your stories are written so clever and your photography is simply amazing. You are truly living a delightfully wonderful life. Cheers to you!

    I look forward to more antics and amazing goings on in Todd’s Backyard. Thank you for sharing your adventures with all of us.

    C Hiett


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