Home, Home on Deer Range…

(Turn up your volume!!)…..

Where all of our pets like to play. And always is heard, wild chirps from the birds, when the rooster starts crowing away!

Home, home on deer range, where the mulies all gather at dusk. The does and bucks, like the birdseed pot-luck, if Buddy doesn’t get in their way!

Home, home on deer range, where we’re happy to self-isolate. Where no one’s around, while we’re stuck here homebound, so lucky masks aren’t an important mainstay!….

The Gift

he last two years have proven that we’ve been incredibly blessed! Todd’s Backyard is a magical mesquite paradise that we could only have imagined in our dreams!

With spectacular vistas and spellbinding moments that take our breaths away!

Whether it’s a rainbow, a sunset, the wildlife, or just life, we’ve been trying to capture images to share once again, on this blog we have neglected for too long!

It’s taken some time, and a lot of work. Finally, Todd’s Backyard as become a haven for both wild and domestic life! It has attracted the company of both old and new furry, feathered, scaled and mule-tailed friends.

Here’s a few that we had never spotted in the old backyard….

The deer have been especially, special! We didn’t see them much in the yard when we first moved here. Evidently, they’ve come to realize that within these five fenced acres, they are safe!

A herd of about twenty five came through two weeks ago and hung out almost all day! It’s not unusual for one or two to be seen coming though and stopping at the salt block and water dish we’ve put out. But, to look out the window and see a herd this big was startling!

Then, just this morning, we were treated to this breathtaking vision in the front yard….

Two bucks…must be father and son?

And then we have our domestic ‘wildlife’…

Most which you will read more about in future posts!. Much has changed from the ‘old’ backyard. We have lost many of our furry and feathered family members and gained some new…

And of course, still going strong….Gerti, our curiously quirky Desert Tortiose! Who also, BTW, has become Buddy’s buddy!

So, now that we have accumulated the pics and the stories, once again, Todd’s Backyard comes to life….It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Fall’s Floral Fiesta

Monsoon showers bring Fall flowers, a brilliant backyard bouquet! Little did we know, this yard put on a show, with a dazzling desert display!


Around the middle of August, Todd’s Backyard became a forest of lush green. The grass grew tall and through it all, feasting foragers could be seen!

IMG_2439Buddy loves to nosh the tender spouts and wriggle in the grass. Until others come around to claim their ground and kick his piggley ass!…



The greenery got even better, as pops of color started to show. Orange blossoms grew, then flowers of blue… then in all the colors of the rainbow!


IMG_3060Bright and happy Mexican Poppies, brilliant orange and reds….

IMG_2934Gertie, our tortoise’s favorite playground…At least that what she said 🙂


The amazing unicorn flower, we discovered with ewws and ahhhhs… A yellow desert orchid that turns into the Devil’s Claws!!





Blue-hued blossoms are also on display to add to Todd’s Backyard wildflower bouquet.

IMG_3013 (1)Arizona Blue Eyes trail our fence, a lovely disguise to our yard’s defense.

IMG_3065According to my flower book, these could be Desert Bells, but with my lack of plant knowledge, it’s kind of hard to tell!


Pinks and purples round out Todd’s Backyard’s flowery potpourri. Deep rich colors add a little spice to the Fall fiesta esprit!

img_25141.jpg This is Silver Leaf Nightshade. A blossom quite dramatic! To find this in Todd’s Backyard made us both very ecstatic!

img_3237.jpgThese magenta blossoms might just be the brightest on the block. But their name is a little odd…Trailing 4’Oclock?

So with all of this blossoming bounty,  it’s a fiesta every day! We can just go out, walk about and pick an incredible desert flower bouquet!



This Little Piggy

There was a little piggy that needed a home. He was living in a city apartment when he was 9 weeks old. But, the people he lived with realized he may get too big. An apartment is no place for a pot belly pig. So, Todd and I pondered and gave it some thought….An addition to the family, in our new home…why not?

So, we brought little Buddy home to Todd’s Backyard playground,  where a pig’s paradise, he happily found.  A new pal that spoke pig with her puggley snorts, Daisy has become a pig mother of sorts….


We found very quickly, Buddy was funny and smart. He has a big belly and an equally big heart. He doesn’t like to be held, but he loves love and treats. He goes potty outside and eats when the dogs eat. He has his own bed…It’s really quite neat!

IMG_2222We taught him to sit and be a good boy. But he had a little problem…his boy part, he liked to deploy. So we had to take him in and get his boy parts snipped. So if he want’s a girlfriend, he’s no longer equipped!  But he has his stuffed sloth with which he tumbles and plays. When he was not eating, pooping or sleeping, that’s how he spent his day….


Buddy’s been with us for a few weeks. He’s settled right with his grunts and his squeaks. He likes Todd’s backyard, a paradise for a pig. Lots of mud and dirt where he can root, roll and dig.

IMG_2801 (1)

Oh Buddy, oh why….pet pigs are supposed to be clean!  But, pigs will be pigs, that, I guess, we should have foreseen. But regardless, this pig’s charming and funny and we have to admit. He adds lots to our lives, lots of giggles and shit!


….And you probably thought I was going to tell you about the Javelina…


A Prickly Situation

Last May was one of the worst months of the year! We had already broken the 100-degree mark. And every day the winds blew…sometimes up to 40 mph! 

Not only do the wicked winds stir up the dust, pollen and all of the pads off of our patio furniture, it scatters something even worse! ‘Devil pricks’…Well, that’s what I call them. Little spurs of sharp hooked needles that fall off of the cholla.


A walk in Todd’s backyard yields a clinging collection that’s tricky to extrude! This is most likely not a big problem for most, even living around here. Todd makes his living removing these icky pricklies from people’s yards!



Unfortunately,  we now live on a 4.5-acre piece of land that is a virtual cholla forest!  Taming Todd’s new backyard will be dangerously daunting!…

IMG_2625The dreaded ‘Jumping’ cholla

IMG_2632IMG_2626The treacherous Teddy Bear cholla



We don’t plan on removing all of the chollas. They provide a protective home for all kinds of birds. From afar, or in a photograph, they look almost beautiful. But, get up close and personal or not watch where you are walking…Watch out! Once you are bitten….yes, they bite!… You would probably change your mind!  There is nothing like being impaled with a cholla spur! When I was stung by a bee and even a scorpion, it was a similar sharp intense pain.

There is only one thing that makes these terrible terrestrial tumors tolerable!…

The brilliant blossoms!  Only the Buckhorn Cholla are blossoming this time of year. What’s incredible to us in our new home, are the different colors!

Vivid pink, orange and yellow dot the desert on these spiny, spiky sprouts!



Unfortunately, the colorful display only lasts a few weeks, then the chollas will fade back into the desert landscape, transforming back into just another giant prick!

Gerti Digs Her New Digs

We had to pull Gerti (our desert tortoise) abruptly out of her peaceful winter hibernation to move to our new place. We put her in a plastic tub with dirt and straw and hauled her down to Elephant Head. We placed her little temporary home in a quiet back room, hoping she might continue her winter nap for a few more weeks until we could build her a suitable new home.

Unfortunately, it started warming up and Gerti started to get a little antsy, so we had to hurry up the habitat construction. We decided on a nice (soon to be shady) hill, right off our back porch!


We decided not to put a block wall around the bottom like she had in her old garden. One of her little tricks was to pull herself up on top of the block, and usually end up on her back after tumbling off! We thought she might like to fully enjoy the incredible views from her new home!


This is looking to the South East



And this is looking to the South West!

It didn’t look like much of a garden when we got her settled in. But, Gerti didn’t seem to mind! The smile on her face said everything!


And yes…you can absolutely tell when she’s smiling and when she’s grimacing- Who knew tortoises were so expressive!

During the next week, Todd installed some grass, plants, and flowers to  ‘garden’ it up!

Gerti had to help…GertiDirt

We planted some hibiscus- That’s her favorite!! We also transplanted some native grasses she can nibble on!


We still have some work to do, but now that the grass is getting established and the trees are filling in, it’s quite apparent that Gerti is really enjoying her lush new digs!


Madness and Miracles…and More Madness!

Last year was brutal. Circumstances finally led us to rethink our priorities and make some very hard choices. We chose to sell the house, leaving behind our cherished yard that Todd had put so much work, love, and care into for 15 years. It was our sanctuary, our inspiration and for the most part, a lot of our entertainment! There, we had the opportunity to experience things we would never have had the chance somewhere else! And, the opportunity to share them here!

A few highlights…

We raised the Whootoos (baby quail)….

and desert tortoises….

Met the 3 little javelinas…

We witnessed nature in action, only some see on TV….

And we learned so much about the desert and the creatures that live there!  It was an amazing 15 years!

January 15th, we put up the For Sale sign and held our breath! We had no idea where we would go. All we knew is that we needed to ‘down-size’.

 First, we looked in the retirement community of Green Valley. Both Todd and I are finally coming to terms with our senior citizen status ;). But, folks in Green Valley don’t like yard work, so finding anything with a yard bigger than the area rug in our living room was a challenge.

We had 5 dogs, two desert tortoises, 3 chickens (And Todd’s brother) that were going to move with us. So we started looking at property outside of town with some land. We looked at manufactured homes East of town. We traveled down miles of bumpy dirt roads, through washes and gulleys, trying to find a place with ‘potential’. But, most of the homes we found were rat infested, falling apart, or next to something even worse…beautiful land, but a little too ‘whiskey-tango’, even for us.

We were getting so angry and depressed. It’s a horrible feeling knowing that you are moving on, with nowhere to go!  We just kept trying to put our faith in God, knowing that he would lead us to where we needed to be!

Finally, we started looking the other direction- South.

 To Elephant Head…we could actually see it from our old house-

It’s a small community of about 100? homes. Maybe less. Some beautiful big homes, some manufactured homes- all on 4+ acre plots of grassy, mesquite studded land. All set against the breathtaking backdrop of Elephant Head and the Santa Rita Mountains.  It felt right!

And that’s when the miracles started happening!

A manufactured home appeared in my daily real estate search. It had been on the market for some time, but I hadn’t previously seen it! When we drove out to look at it, it was only a 20-minute drive from our old house. No dirt roads, all paved. The home itself was great (except for the questionable shade of green in which it had been freshly painted).

Larger and newer than our old house…. and on 4.5 acres! Perfect! We made an offer on the contingency that our house would sell within 6 weeks….Auuugghhhhh! The stress!!!

Our house had already been on the market for 2 weeks. We had several lookers, but no bites. We started getting even more nervous. Were we asking too much? Was the yard too much? Hmmmmm. One week after we put the offer on the new place- They found it! The people that walked into Todd’s Backyard and fell in love! The couple made a full price cash offer!!!!!! A miracle!!! I was happy I had the opportunity to meet them- They are wonderful people 🙂

But then, the real madness began. If anyone has ever bought and sold a house at the same time, you might know what I’m talking about! We had to close on both houses within 3 weeks. Paperwork! Scrambling! Packing! Cleaning! It was a whirlwind of chaos. Finally, on Feb 28, we took one last look at Todd’s Backyard in the mad rush to get out- the deed had recorded. It was no longer ours. We closed the doors and moved on. We didn’t even have time to cry.

Of course, the day we moved is the one day of the winter that decides to unleash it’s cold, unholy wrath. Rain, sleet, and snow accompanied us to our new home.


But, we made it!

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we have been in our new home and dreaming about what’s in store for the next chapter of Todd’s Backyard.

I’m not sure, at our age, if it’s the wisest project to take on- It’s a raw, wild and a blank canvas…


But, there is sure to be plenty of material to photograph and to write about as this next chapter of our lives unfold! We can’t wait to share it!

PS- Unfortunately, a few of our family members didn’t make it. We decided to find a home for the chickens, as the logistics of moving them and setting them up was just too much. And most unfortunately, our dear Baily and Bizbee were not able to handle the stress of moving in their old age 😦 But we look forward to new additions to the family…perhaps a goat?…mini horse?…who knows!

Zoom Zoom

It’zzzz Zeptember and the yard is abuzzzz with all the little zoom zoomers pazzing through to their winter digzzzz. Almost like science-fiction…Imagine hundreds of tiny heat seeking missiles chasing each in swarms, everywhere in your field of vision! (It’s probably not exactly hundreds, but hard to tell as they are too fast to count!). However, you better be prepared to duck as many of these buzzing warriorzzzzz zoom past your head! It’s quite startling when two warring hummers brush past you so close, you feel a little poof of air in your hair!

The frenzy only lasts a day or two, then calms down a few days until another group passes through. The – we call it the annual event the ‘Humming Bird Wars’.  And, it came this weekend!

Here’s a little sample….If you turn up the volume, you might get the zoom zoom!


From Death to Drenched

The Southern Arizona Summer engulfed us last June, like like the fiery blazes of hell! 120 degrees for days…100+ for a month. The only thing that kept us sane was looking forward to the cooling rains of the Monsoons, officially declared to start on June 15th. Sometimes- I think last year, in fact- they started early. We were hoping the same this year, we desperately needed the rains…the desert was dying!


By the end of June we still had no rain. Not even a hint. The heat was depressingly oppressive!  You know its bad when the drought tolerant/heat tolerant cactus start to shrivel up and die…




We thought this poor agave was a goner!

June dropped off the calendar-still with no rain.We started feeling like the cactus!

But, the 4th of July would be here soon, and we ALWAYS get rain on the 4th!! However, independence day came and went with only the booming of fireworks- not the booming of thunder we had counted on. Aaauuuuughhhhh the agony!

Todd even went to the extremes of putting sprinklers in the yard on some of our cactus to try to salvage some of  them! Something he had never had to do before. We noticed some of our neighbors were doing the same.

It wasn’t until about a week after the 4th, that Monsoon finally arrived! As we watched the lighting streaked clouds come rumbling in, Todd stationed himself on top of the shed to act as a human lightning rod….


Here’s a little taste of the desert monsoon….

An no…Todd was not still sitting on the roof as I shot this!

I wish I could share the smell the rain drenched desert and feel the cool mist floating in the air. A mist that’s created as the rain dances on the parched desert ground. There is nothing like it! The temperature generally drops from 100+ to about 75 in a matter of minutes! The relief is almost euphoric!

Since then, over the past month, it has rained, and rained- one of the best Monsoon seasons we have had in years! Todd has marked over 7 inches of rain so far! Most of the plants that melted with the heat, rebounded!

Here’s the heat ravaged agave- unbelievable that it came back to life!….


Now as Fall approaches, we can enjoy the beautiful desert, revived, refreshed and blooming! We celebrate nature’s gift, even though the ‘dry heat’ has turned muggy and mosquitoes  abound- we raise our glasses to Mother Nature with a toast: “Even though you can be a ‘bitch in heat’ or a frozen mother ‘f’er, when you pour…girl, you Reign!”



Yellow…But not Mellow

Everywhere you look, you will see pops of bright yellow frantically bouncing around the yard. The Orioles are back in full force this Spring! We get several different Oriole varieties in Todd’s Backyard. All slightly different, however they share the same shrill chatter, as shocking as their brilliant hue!

Their chatter reaches all time highs when they are playing their high-stakes game, we like to call, Who-Can-Get-The ‘Oriole Glory Hole’!


In this game, there are 2 prizes!

1st, their ‘watering hole’. They constantly fight over position on the hummingbird feeders to quench their appetite for their favorite sugary treat! Not only are they competing amongst themselves (or similar versions of themselves), but they have to fend off the ferocious little hummers!


And the 2nd prize….or maybe this is the 1st prize…

oriole2The female  ‘Glory Hole’ if you will….eeehhhhem.

Anyway, the Oriole fun and games, be it a bit noisy, are always fun to watch! You can’t help but be a little excited when these spectacular specimens of  fine feathered fellows come back to Todd’s Backyard every spring.

Here they will stay until fall in all their ‘Glory’!

oriole6This is a Scotts Oriole.

And below is a Bullocks Oriole.


orioleThe Hooded Oriole

Oriole, Oriole, sprightly fellow. Flitter about all brightly yellow. Have your fun, but don’t harsh my mellow!!!