Things are Heating Up!

It finally hit 100 degrees last week. All the spring time blossoms have shriveled up. Summer is finally here! It’s 9 o’clock in the morning and the air conditioner kicks on… It’s the time of year when we already start looking forward to cooler days of the winter to come.

With the heat comes the buzz…not only from the gallons of refreshing sangria that will be consumed, but from these little guys..

You know it’s summer when the cicadas start buzzing. They really get going when Monsoon season starts around the first of July.

The heat tends to ruffle the feathers of many backyard residents. Puffing up to catch any breeze that might give them a little relief.

Or, some just hop in Todd’s ‘water feature’ to cool off!

This is likely to be a popular spot this summer!

Zoe gets cool with her new summer do….

And Lulu soaks up the heat with her desert ‘chi-yotie’ zest for the sun!

The summer in Todd’s Backyard will be long and hot, but when the monsoons come it will cool off a bit. Until then, we can dream of cooler days, perhaps even Christmas…

With these two turtle doves hanging out to remind us the holiday season will be here before you know it!


Wild Cat!

Zoe, our pampered Persian house cat, likes to hang out with us on the patio…especially on the weekends. It’s really funny, because, sometimes she gets little wound up, as the kitty adrenaline kicks in- she explores her wild roots!  As we sat on the porch, Saturday afternoon, she got in one of her ‘moods’!

You know Zoe’s wound up when she plays with her ball!

She’ll bat it around, chase it, then gather it up in her paws and roll around with it…just like a puppy! But, then, Zoe thinks she’s more dog than a cat!

She ventured out into the yard to explore a little “Catcus” and commune with the Prickly Purr….

She did a little sunbathing with her bro!….

And at last, found the perfect perch on her favorite patio chair just as the sun began to set…..

As I got ready to go to bed Saturday night, this was the last image I had of Zoe….did she come in the house with us when we all came in for dinner? I got out of bed, peered out through the  blinds, into the moonlit night. I didn’t see anything. I turned on the porch light and scanned the porch…nothing.  Then I happened to catch a movement. I looked down….there was the mighty wild cat looking up at me with a huge grin on her face- or perhaps it was a look of sheer terror! What ever…  I opened the door and she swaggered into the house and headed straight to bed. I think she gets a kick out of testing fate-luckily, the bobcats, coyotes, owls, or other night predators didn’t find a furry little snack in Todd’s Backyard!

Sundogs… Going to celebrate this weekend!

I’m home sick and sun deprived! I’ve spent the past week in cold, snowing and gray Ann Arbor Michigan during the worst snow storm of the year! (so I’m told!)  I’m just trying to imagine the sun soaking into my bones, and smelling Todd’s mesquite grill!  I cannot wait to be back in Todd’s Backyard!!!

Lulu BlissHang in there Lulu!…Mommy will be home to enjoy the afternoon happy hour with you soon!!

The BoysSoak up some sun for me!

ToddCelebration this weekend!….with a beer and a BBQ! I can’t wait!!

A Quail Tale

We rescued 5 abandoned baby quail on July 4th, 2009….the day they were born. Quail aren’t that smart…at least the parents of these babies. They built a nest in a planter where the babies could not get out after they hatched. They do this every year. This year, they got 5 out and left 5 in the nest.

That’s where we stepped in.

We called them the Whootoos-

Their call: ” Woooo Tooooo! Woooo Tooo!”. They quickly adapted to their penned life and started to thrive. Our dogs, Lulu and Baily claimed them as their own. The only way the baby birds would settle down is if Lulu or Baily were in attendance.  Unfortunately, 3 did not make it. Only 2 survived.

We released them in September. This was the first thing that they did…plunked down in the grass and lounged!

They spent many happy hours on the porch with us.

At the end of each day, when the sun started setting, the whootoos would make their way back to the fenced area where we released them.

This is where they roost for the night.

Although, sometimes they would take a little nap on the porch!

As the weather started to cool, the whootoos spent more and more time out with the wild quail in the yard. Eventually, one of them (we had dubbed Hook)  joined a covey and she did not come back to the porch. The other, we called Hootch, still came back to the porch now and then to do a little socializing.

This was the day Hootch came to say farewell.

She sat with us for about an hour, said her goodbyes, and left for the wild. We see Hook and Hootch everyday. They still roost where we released them.  They  both found groups and hopefully mates. We will anxiously wait to see if they have their own babies and possibly bring them by for a visit!

We will also see if there is another batch of babies to rescue from the planter this summer!