The Bobcat that Ate the Owl

Based on a true story….

There once was a bobcat that ate an owl. You might ask why….or you might ask how?

It was nine o’clock this fateful night, when all was quiet and dark. The stars were bright. Nothing was stirring, the landscape serene, except for the darting eyes watching and waiting, unseen.

Finally, a small noise broke the silent surveillance.The watcher’s gaze zeroed in, hungry and intense. A shuffle came from the porch where humans sit by day. But tonight, it was where little mice came to play!

Another night stalker’s ears perked as well,  perched by the pond where his thirst, he would quell. Mice would be nice, perhaps for a snack.  But, would it really be worth his time to attack?

As he pondered at the pond, a drink?… or a swim?… His revery was cut short, when a silent swoosh flew past him.  Oh my! What’s this? A bird out at night? And it landed right by him, to his feline delight!

The mouse, by the house had eaten a crumb. The owl ate the mouse, but this move was quite dumb. The cat ate the owl…Dumb luck may say some. Nay, I cry foul!!…Or fowl?, this should not be! If you are an owl, please, stay in the tree 😉


Holiday Cheer!



Tis’ the season to be jolly, especially since the Arizona Wildcat’s have been on a roll! Tomorrow’s game might clinch them the #1 spot in the College polls!



Wishing everyone a joyous Holiday Season and Happy College Basketball Season, from Todd’s Backyard!

It’s a Wild Life!

Well, December 21st came and went. The Mayan calendar ended, the planets aligned, 2012 is coming to a close and life is going on without any major events…Except some nice stormy and wintery weather for the Holidays! For the most part, its been a good year. Todd’s projects have yielded a lot more landscaping, a beautiful revamped pond complete with fish, an outdoor potting/work bench, a chicken coop with chicken and a large garden plot ready for planting this spring! Our little desert acre is a mental sanctuary that keeps us from dwelling on the pressure and stress of ‘real life’! We have been so blessed!

Of course, one of the things we most enjoy about living here is having all of the wildlife that we can watch from our living room or the porch! This time of year, all of the reptiles, squirrels and dirt monkeys are safely tucked away in their underground homes, sleeping the winter away. We lose some of the variety of birds, as most go south, but we still have the quail, sparrows, mourning doves, and the cardinals…


The cardinals dot the winter landscape with their brilliant color!  (I just missed getting the 3rd bird in this shot!)

The javelina are thick and having lots of babies!


But, the baby javelina are good eatin’ for some during the winter…


Bob has been hanging out  a lot!


Although, we have not seen the bobcat get a baby javelina, we have seen him get rabbits! Quite gruesome!  I think the coyotes are more interested in the baby javies than the bobcats! (This next year I hope to get a photo of a coyote..the only pic that I don’t have!) We rarely see coyotes during the day, but almost always hear them at night, yipping and yelping! The other night Todd ran outside because we thought they might be trying to get into the chicken coop! Since then, Todd has put lots of reinforcements on the coop to prevent that from ever happening! I think the coyotes and bobcats have been a major contributor to the dwindling rabbit population! Now, we are lucky to see just one or two bunnies at a time!


Awww…One bun’s just no fun!

So we decided to get a couple of our own!


Meet C-Lo (Carrot LOver) and Odie

They are living happily inside,  and hopefully, we might train them to be good house rabbits (i.e. to use a litter box). We got a big portable  pen to put on the porch so they can go out and run around a bit. It’s a riot watching them running and hopping around! They are little hip hoppers! We can’t leave them unsupervised for a moment though.

Fresh buns  would be delightful delicacy for this guy…


More than once, Mr. Hawkins has flown under the porch to check out our other possible menu items…


Like Feline ala Furreir


Or perhaps just a plain hot dog!

The only other possible pickings we had to offer was Petite Puggle…but I believe that she is no longer on Mr. Hawkin’s  menu…


But Daisy had better watch out! Plump puggle would be a lovely dinner for Coyotes!

Here Kitty Kitty!

It was a beautiful fall afternoon! Yesterday, we enjoyed the perfect time of year with and an old friend we hadn’t seen in 1o years, and some new friends that he brought with him. They happen to be avid bird watchers and were thrilled with the photo ops that Todd’s Backyard provided! We were hoping that the javelina, or perhaps if we were lucky, the bobcat, might stop by and give them a real thrill! But that didn’t happen…until about 5 minutes after they left! We were treated to a visit from the ‘big kitty’, Bob!

Sometimes he’s rather hard to spot, but luckily we spied him, spying us!

Once he realized he had been discovered, he casually got up and strolled into view, as if to show off his superior status as king of the desert! Such a gorgeous creature! He was obviously not too concerned that I was following him with my camera, clicking away, trying to get a good shot!

Feeling like the paparazzi, my excitement grew that he posing for me! I called out to him, “Here kitty kitty!”  His stubby tail flicked and he turned around and looked at me like, hmmmm really? For a minute, I thought he might actually come! Then I thought OMG, what would I do if he did?

But, of course, cats will be cats, or kings will be kings, and with a flip of his tail he turned his back and I was dismissed.

And off he strolled, back into his desert kingdom, hopefully to be seen again, another day.

This morning we were  horribly distressed to hear from our neighbor, that a bobcat was dead in the road, hit by a car! He and Todd went to get it out of the road. Upon their return, I was somewhat relieved to find out it was NOT this cat, but a younger, much smaller cat. Still, we are so saddened to see this happen!  Be safe Bob!


A bobcat seems to have made himself comfortable in Todd’s Backyard, apparently with the abundance of fattened (feathered and furry) food sources! We have seen him passing through the yard now and then, over the past year or so. But, this past week, we have caught him on several occasions, catnapping under the cactus in the late afternoons!

Todd saw him first, a few days ago.  Excitedly, he pointed out to me, the big cat’s location. I grabbed the camera and went out to investigate….but I was having a hard time spotting him….I kept focusing on the specific area where Todd swore he could see it!

Then, finally…I realized I was looking at badass cat ass!

Having picked out his position, I was able to get some pretty good pics!

Peek-a-boo, I do see you! It is so amazing how he blends into the desert!

Bob must have felt pretty confident in his blending ability, because, he saw me snapping photos.

Undisturbed, he just continued to lounge.

He even posed for the camera with a purrrfect pussycat grin. He stuck around for about 1/2 an hour, then sauntered away, going on to do whatever bobcats do when they are not snoozing or snacking.

The next day, around the same time, we spotted him lounging again…this time in a different locale…

 Just off of the porch by the hot tub. ( Yes,we do keep our pets in, when Bob’s out!)

Again, he stayed and napped for about 1/2 hour before moving on.

So, yesterday, as we sat on the porch enjoying our Friday afternoon cocktails, we  were hoping we might see him again…and we did! Back in his cactus hideaway, by the wash, beyond Todd’s grill.

Bob naps, enjoying the late afternoon sun!

Feeling as if we had found ourselves in a desert wildlife sanctuary, it got even better! Our javelina friend, Jairy, decided to visit! ….Uh oh…do bobcats eat javelinas? We really hoped that we wouldn’t have the opportunity to find out!

I thought about grabbing my video camera in case we were to witness a little tumble and rumble in the desert. But, as the drama unfolded, there was no drama..whew!

After Bob moved on, I took the opportunity to ask Jairy what might happen if he ever bumped into Bob in the future…

His reply…”Bob don’t be messin’ wid this stink ass bitch!”


Close Encounters of the (Big) Cat Kind…

For the past several days, Todd has seen a couple of bobcats hanging around the yard. I think our dogs (Baily and Cooper) have seen them too, but they’ve kept their mouths shut! Late this afternoon, Todd got up-close and personal, and some beautiful shots! Amazingly, after seeing a big cat shadow approaching in the late afternoon sun, Todd ran in the house and retrieved the camera….just in time to capture this….

Totally relaxed and un-impressed, the big cat sauntered passed Todd. Gave him a brief glance and  moved on.

At this point, Todd ran in the house to announce the visitation. My mother-in-law, myself and Todd rushed to the back porch to see if he came around the other side of the house. We waited, camera in hand, to see if we could get any more shots! We didn’t see anything….Then, Todd spotted him/her. Peering at us from around the corner of the house.

” Here, kitty, kitty…, kitty kitty….”  He stared at us.

Then, moved on…..

Wow…what a cool cat!