A  puffy patchwork of purple and charcoal blue churn in the desert sky. The air is charged with a blend of humidity and anticipation. Critters scurry into their underground refuge. The birds find a strong branch perch. And Todd and I pour a drink and retire to the patio. All await the giant gust of wind and dust that signal the storm to come.

Everything  is very still and quiet. Then, a slight movement catches our eye….

There, behind the blue pot!…It is the creature!

The Creature from the Desert Hollows has arisen and joined us on the porch to announce the arrival of the season. The Monsoon is here!

The storm moves quickly, from the south, and is suddenly upon us. The yard is drenched for several minutes, when the sun breaks from behind the clouds in the west. Still raining, the drops appear as glitter falling from the sky!

It is magical monsoon moments like these that make us swoon!

The next few days hold the promise of more to come. So with camera and cocktail in hand, we will hopefully have some incredible shots of this year’s Monsoon Season!

To be continued…..

The Creature from the Desert Hollows

It was another muggy Monsoon afternoon in the mid-summer Desert. The humidity hung in the still air, the dark foreboding clouds collected in swirling pockets above Todd’s Backyard. Our skin crawled as deep thunder rumbled like warning drums….something wicked this way comes….

Family and friends gathered on the porch, cocktails in hand, awaiting the outcome of Mother Nature’s tricky plan. Rain, or not to rain? All was still, as the desert creatures stood in their heat beaten habitat waiting for the answer.

It was then, that we heard it….A blood-curdling sound….a deep rasping….croooooooaaaaaaawwwk!

Just then, a raindrop hit my arm, sending shivers down my spine. Another “Crrrooooooaaaaaawwwwkkkkk!” Then a small group wet drops splattered on the ground, followed by a burst of lighting and clap of thunder! The eerie desert drama started to unfold. Todd grabbed the camera to capture any evidence of the events to come.

He made his way into the yard, amid the sporadic droplets of rain….Then, Todd saw it! So, hideous, he was speechless!

There it was.

THE Creature

Staring up at him from the depths of hell. Beady eyes glowing with wild anticipation of the rapture that awaited him. Soon his ultimate power would be restored with the one thing that he craved above anything. Human blood!

Ok, not really!.. The thing he craved was rain.

But he was not to be tempted out of his den, as the pitter-patter of rain came and went. The clouds parted. The sun returned. The creature retreated back beneath the earth to await the next croakin’ joke Mother Nature might have in store him. Perhaps, next rain, we will get a glimpse of his toadally ugly self!