Snake, Rattle & Roll!…

Maybe not ‘roll’…more like Chop!

Yikes! The first rattlesnake of the season….Todd stumbled upon it while feeding the birds. His attention to detail probably saved his life! I don’t think I would have seen it!

The snake was a good 2 + feet long.

After the rattler was spotted, our dinner guests scrambled for their cameras…My mom was frantically trying to get the dogs and cat in the house. Todd gets the shovel. I get the close up….

Before we had time to consider any options…Todd went into action…Whack! Off with his head! ( terribly sad, but necessary)…Honestly, it’s either him (snake) or the dogs/cat/us! I seriously don’t want to experience a rattlesnake bite inflicted upon any of my family, friends or pets! From what I’ve heard, it is an incredibly painful and effed up experience- possibly deadly, certainly to pets!

After the execution, the head went into a frenzy for several minutes- flicking it’s tongue and flopping around- truly horrifying!

Our freaked out dinner guests had to examine the remains before Todd threw the snake on the grill to add some local fare to the night’s BBQ!

Just kidding!