Eat, Drink, Be Merry…and Some Other Shit

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The heat is starting to prickle here in the desert. This week promises temps between 100 and 110…. aaauuugggghhh! So, it’s not surprising that the feeders, water dishes and pond are popular hangouts for the local wildlife. Every morning and late afternoon we see it all! Birds, rabbits, squirrels, javelina, lizards, bobcat, coyote, and just the other day our ‘creature from the desert hollows’ (the toad), crawled out of his hole to find refreshment. When it’s just too hot to do anything else, just eat, drink and be merry!…


Five finches find food at the fully filled feeder.

A quail couple chow down on the ‘Peckasso’ block seeder.



Baby buns have fun nibbling in the cool grassy place.

A red winged black bird gets photo-bombed while stuffing his face!



Hummingbirds flirt and hover around their honey hole hangout.

This Baltimore oriel takes a sip stop on his way-back-home Northern route.




This starling likes to take a sip and a dip.

The bunny takes a drink to put the hop  in his hip!



 The hawk  takes a water break and claims his domain.

 Mr . Toad  took a sip and a dip now just waits for the rain.




The coyote gets a cool drink, soothing and calm.

A closer look reveals…yes it is…another photo bomb!  (Silly quail!)



And be Merry…



 The javelina , you would think, might want some water to swallow. But, they would rather tip over their drink and make a nice mud wallow!

Eat, drink and be merry, then what do we do?


Guess the only thing left…. you just gotta poo!     (Pictured above, a lovely specimen of javelina shit 😉 )

Here Kitty Kitty!

It was a beautiful fall afternoon! Yesterday, we enjoyed the perfect time of year with and an old friend we hadn’t seen in 1o years, and some new friends that he brought with him. They happen to be avid bird watchers and were thrilled with the photo ops that Todd’s Backyard provided! We were hoping that the javelina, or perhaps if we were lucky, the bobcat, might stop by and give them a real thrill! But that didn’t happen…until about 5 minutes after they left! We were treated to a visit from the ‘big kitty’, Bob!

Sometimes he’s rather hard to spot, but luckily we spied him, spying us!

Once he realized he had been discovered, he casually got up and strolled into view, as if to show off his superior status as king of the desert! Such a gorgeous creature! He was obviously not too concerned that I was following him with my camera, clicking away, trying to get a good shot!

Feeling like the paparazzi, my excitement grew that he posing for me! I called out to him, “Here kitty kitty!”  His stubby tail flicked and he turned around and looked at me like, hmmmm really? For a minute, I thought he might actually come! Then I thought OMG, what would I do if he did?

But, of course, cats will be cats, or kings will be kings, and with a flip of his tail he turned his back and I was dismissed.

And off he strolled, back into his desert kingdom, hopefully to be seen again, another day.

This morning we were  horribly distressed to hear from our neighbor, that a bobcat was dead in the road, hit by a car! He and Todd went to get it out of the road. Upon their return, I was somewhat relieved to find out it was NOT this cat, but a younger, much smaller cat. Still, we are so saddened to see this happen!  Be safe Bob!

This Little Piggy

We didn’t see the javelina all Summer…at least not our javelina (Jairy and his buddies). We think that they head for cooler ground, possibly the pecan orchards, when the heat is on. Recently, we have seen them pass through the yard in the mornings, but couldn’t tell if it was Jairy’s gang. We can recognize Jairy because he has a hole in the top of his right ear, which you can’t see unless you get close.

Yesterday afternoon, we were on the porch with family and friends, when a familiar face (and ear) showed up. He was out under the bird feeder, busy snuffling up birdseed that had fallen to the ground. Then he plopped down in his usual spot, just off of the porch. (About 25 ft.)

He looked a little grayer, and a little more grizzled, but he still had a smile on his face. A few moments later, his family emerged from the bushes to join him, which is usually the routine. Jairy makes sure that he’s brought his buddies to friendly territory before the rest follow! But, this time we got a little surprise!

Meet Jairy Jr.

We have seen this group with babies before, but they always keep the babies well away from the house, so this was a treat to get to see one of these cute little critters this close. I’m pretty sure that Jairy Jr.’s mom is one of last year’s  ‘3 little pigs’. They were unusually friendly and inquisitive. Once, one came right up and put her snout on my leg! If this one is now, a proud mommy, I guess she wanted to show off her little bundle of joy. And in doing so, literally brought him/her right up to the porch! (2 ft.)

We were delighted to watch the little guy explore his surroundings, until it looked like mom wanted to come right up ON the porch…

(Notice her friend in the back going “what the ‘F’ are you doing!”)

At this point we had to shoo them away. Jairy moved  his family to his favorite shady mesquite hangout where they lounged under the bird feeder for about 1/2 hour while mom fed the baby. Then, they made their little single file and marched on.

If this is any indication of  things to come…


Super Bad!

I think that I’ve mentioned on several occasions how bad a javelina smells? Imagine, if you will,  the perfect combination of skunk and manure, with perhaps a touch of rotten meat…ok?

Last Thursday morning, around 10 am, I let the dogs out to do their business.We were greeted with that lovely stench coming from a ragtag bunch (about 12 javelinas) that had overtaken the yard! So we made a U-turn and headed back into the house! After watching them for a few moments, I realized that they were not moving on, so I thought I had better go out and investigate whatever was keeping them occupied….


It appeared they had breached Todd’s last remaining plant barricade, and were having one hell of a party! I tried to shoo them off, but was quickly aware that I was surrounded, so thought better of pissing them off, and left them to their javennanigans…

…Which included decapitating poor St. Francis!

Their plundering rampage kept them busy for several hours until they had full tummies and worn themselves out. But instead of moving on, they made themselves at home. Todd’s backyard was now a javelina jotel, littered with glutenous pigs! All twelve had picked out a comfy spot and crashed…

Pulllease!…Now how can you be mad at that! Awwwww!

They were still in the midst of their little siesta when Todd got home from work at 4 pm ( they had been here all day!)…I warned them that they had better be gone before Todd got home and found out what they did!!! There was gonna be hell to pay!

But would they go?….Hell no!

It just kept getting worse! Auuughhhh! F’ing Pigs!

That did it…

No…we really don’t want him dead:)


A bobcat seems to have made himself comfortable in Todd’s Backyard, apparently with the abundance of fattened (feathered and furry) food sources! We have seen him passing through the yard now and then, over the past year or so. But, this past week, we have caught him on several occasions, catnapping under the cactus in the late afternoons!

Todd saw him first, a few days ago.  Excitedly, he pointed out to me, the big cat’s location. I grabbed the camera and went out to investigate….but I was having a hard time spotting him….I kept focusing on the specific area where Todd swore he could see it!

Then, finally…I realized I was looking at badass cat ass!

Having picked out his position, I was able to get some pretty good pics!

Peek-a-boo, I do see you! It is so amazing how he blends into the desert!

Bob must have felt pretty confident in his blending ability, because, he saw me snapping photos.

Undisturbed, he just continued to lounge.

He even posed for the camera with a purrrfect pussycat grin. He stuck around for about 1/2 an hour, then sauntered away, going on to do whatever bobcats do when they are not snoozing or snacking.

The next day, around the same time, we spotted him lounging again…this time in a different locale…

 Just off of the porch by the hot tub. ( Yes,we do keep our pets in, when Bob’s out!)

Again, he stayed and napped for about 1/2 hour before moving on.

So, yesterday, as we sat on the porch enjoying our Friday afternoon cocktails, we  were hoping we might see him again…and we did! Back in his cactus hideaway, by the wash, beyond Todd’s grill.

Bob naps, enjoying the late afternoon sun!

Feeling as if we had found ourselves in a desert wildlife sanctuary, it got even better! Our javelina friend, Jairy, decided to visit! ….Uh oh…do bobcats eat javelinas? We really hoped that we wouldn’t have the opportunity to find out!

I thought about grabbing my video camera in case we were to witness a little tumble and rumble in the desert. But, as the drama unfolded, there was no drama..whew!

After Bob moved on, I took the opportunity to ask Jairy what might happen if he ever bumped into Bob in the future…

His reply…”Bob don’t be messin’ wid this stink ass bitch!”


Have a Javelina?….

We do! We have a few!….PEEYEW!

The 3 Little Pigs

These 3 are as friendly as can be. They would love to just come up and hang out on the porch, but we haven’t let them….yet!

Over the past few years, the local Javelina (pronounced hav-a-leena for those who may not know), have become quite comfortable in Todd’s Backyard. They are lured by a tasty treat that’s always in abundance here…bird seed!

Now, you’re not supposed to feed these guys, but I don’t think letting them share the birdseed is a crime?

Of course they have other  favorite delectables such as: 1) Anything you may have just planted 2) Juicy cactus pads 3 )Succulent blossoms 4) Anything you would rather not have them eat!

Luckily, they haven’t cause too much ‘javoc’ here…

Some javies like to just ‘jang’-out under the bird feeders to catch a  bit-o-seed! Or root around in the roots to take a little mud bath in Todd’s  irrigation system.

He may be cool, but really…not so cool dude!

There is a group of basically 5 or six that visit on a regular basis. Our old buddy Jairy still comes around from time to time. Last week the group came to show off their newest addition to la familia…

The proud mommy tried to keep him from getting too close…

But, he seems to take after his older siblings/cousins/ friends? who have  quite the outgoing personality!

And like they say:

” In Todd’s backyard, the grass is always greena….at least it is for the Javelina 🙂 “