Todd’s Backyard goes to New York!

Well… our blogging has been a little sporadic the last few months.Todd’s Backyard has been under construction. Not so much the yard itself… I mean, Todd always has a project or two going on. But this has been another kind of construction.I’ve been creating my own version of Todd’s Backyard… in art.

It so happened that in the process of building my own design business, along with photographing all the treasures of Todd’s Backyard, I realized that we have collected a wealth of images! Images that I can turn into commercial designs! I have developed a process of digital painting where I can take photos and literally turn them into paintings. Then I combine these images with graphic elements and patterned textures to create marketable designs that would be suitable for ¬†stationery/gift products.

I created another more whimsical version….Not from photos, but straight out of my crazy mind…a different style that might appeal to a little different market…

Thanks to all of my professional connections,I have managed to ¬†find two agents who will represent this artwork…one out of LA and one in New Jersey. They will be taking these designs to New York for the National Gift and Stationery show this week! Who knows….maybe you will see these designs on journals, notecards, gift bags, etc!

If this happens, it would be a great tribute to all the tender loving care Todd has put into his yard to create an incredible living masterpiece! Thank you Todd for your inspiration!