Oh…For Heaven’s Snake!!

As we relaxed on the porch last Sunday, a friendly bull snake decided to come hang out with us. He likes to come up and cool off under our outdoor beer fridge. We discovered him there last fall. Todd  had spotted his little tongue flicking from under the fridge when he went to grab a beer. We thought at first, it might have been a rattler, but after Todd stood on the counter and pulled the refrigerator out from the wall, we concluded that it was not.

Mr. Snake comes to  his ‘cool’ hideout on a regular basis, but he’s a little shy about approaching when we’re sitting on the porch.

Sunday afternoon, we first spotted the sneaky snake making his approach from under the mesquite tree on the side of the porch.

When he saw us watching, he got a little shy…

So he finds an inconspicuous spot to observe and wait for the perfect timing to make his approach.

The minute we went inside the house, here he comes. Straight to his favorite spot. After he made himself comfortable under the outdoor fridge,  we resumed our outdoor- porch-pre-dinner-Sunday afternoon- social with friends and family. Everyone was a little hesitant though, to get their refreshments out of the fridge…

‘Cause Mr. Snake wanted to be the  bartender!

Cooking Up a Perfect Saturday!

Ok… I may be getting a little carried away! But, yesterday I experienced one of the best BBQ’s Todd has hosted! With the help of good neighbors and family it was a day that had to be recorded for posterity!

Todd fired up his pit around 10:30 am…

The Menu:

Mesquite grilled Tri Tip with Santa Maria Rub, served with fresh tortillas and Todd’s famous chili relish, and Rondi’s soon-to-be-famous ‘gut bomb’ beans! The meal was made perfect and complete with the addition of our neighbor, Lori’s, incredible appetizer and desert….

No Lori!…..That’s exactly why you should do a cookbook!!! Your culinary skills are incredible…thank you for sharing!

Baily enjoyed as wellAs Todd was inside preparing the meat…

Todd threw the meat on the grill about 4:30

Ahhhh…..and a few margarita’s later….


And Baily’s ready for dinner!

And finally, the ultimate desert!….

Thanks to Rod and Lori Erikson, Mom, Doug, Donna, Todd, Cooper, Baily, Lulu and even Zoe, for making Saturday, March 20 a glorious day in Todd’s Backyard! Now, I hope I can find some left overs….my mouth is watering!