Working for This Weekend…

The big Memorial Day weekend is upon us. Time to relax and enjoy….for some! For the rest of us, life goes on as usual. Just trying to survive and thrive!

One of the big events witnessed this week was the ‘bunny birthing’. The rabbit laying down is actually squatting over a burrow she dug out only minutes before. It took a few moments for us to realize that she was actually giving birth.  Her boyfriend in attendance, as well as a local quail family. We saw her digging furiously before she went into baby mode. I don’t know if you could call it labor…it only took about 5 minutes max. We knew it was over when she bent down and started licking, licking, licking, then was chased off the nest by about 5 other males ready to make more babies!

Then there’s all the little baby dirt monkey’s learning the ‘ropes’ of gropes….

Precariously perched to pluck his meager mesquite salad from the tree!

Hard worker award of the week may have to go to the parents of the quail ‘mega’ bunch. They have herded and protected this massive bunch of babies (We’ve counted over 25!) for over a week. Kind of funny though, the babies seem to be in charge, dragging the poor parents all over the yard.

Then there’s Mr. Don Iguana….well, he’s not an iguana, but at least, almost as big!  We watched him getting all puffed up and chase the local lizard ladies. Whew…Watching all the futile reptile seduction was …well….funny!

The  many cactus wrens  spend hours picking and pecking for any grub they can find, anywhere they can find it! They wrender themselves useful, by spending hours on the porch eating all of the bugs!

Maybe the one working hardest for the weekend?….

Baily earns his keep, lapping up all the attention he can get!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! And thanks to those who have given their lives in defense of the freedoms and blessings we hold so dear!

Dinner Drama!

This time of year in the desert, everything is soooo dramatic!…Especially at dinner time!

Da da da daaaaaaa…..

The Thrasher…. piercing eye contact, warns of impending food….

At dinner time there is a theatrical display… the delicate balance of  oriole yellows and wood pecker bellows!

Bursting blooms….

And reddish plumes!

Hair raising stares…..

And faint finchy  glares.

But possibly the most dramatic ordeal….

Baily’s impressive hungry appeal!

Salmon ala Todd….A delicious weekend!

I waited for 2 weeks,  enduring 10 days of a Michigan work trip, to get back home and enjoy a beautiful warm weekend! BBQ, wine and sun soaking into my cold, snow weary bones!  Unfortunately,  I seem to have brought the cold weather back to Arizona with me!  The entire weekend was cold, rainy, windy….the worst of Southern Arizona weather! And it still rains….58 degrees…ugh!  But Todd did come through with one of his gourmet meals!

Pecan wood grilled/smoked salmon! I ate  left overs for lunch today!

I will be going into more details on another post, about Todd’s incredible BBQ- A Santa Maria style pit, equipped with a adjustable rack that sits over an open flame. He uses either mesquite or pecan to grill!  Yum! My weekend was worth all the bad weather, just for a bite of Salmon ala Todd!