This Little Piggy

We didn’t see the javelina all Summer…at least not our javelina (Jairy and his buddies). We think that they head for cooler ground, possibly the pecan orchards, when the heat is on. Recently, we have seen them pass through the yard in the mornings, but couldn’t tell if it was Jairy’s gang. We can recognize Jairy because he has a hole in the top of his right ear, which you can’t see unless you get close.

Yesterday afternoon, we were on the porch with family and friends, when a familiar face (and ear) showed up. He was out under the bird feeder, busy snuffling up birdseed that had fallen to the ground. Then he plopped down in his usual spot, just off of the porch. (About 25 ft.)

He looked a little grayer, and a little more grizzled, but he still had a smile on his face. A few moments later, his family emerged from the bushes to join him, which is usually the routine. Jairy makes sure that he’s brought his buddies to friendly territory before the rest follow! But, this time we got a little surprise!

Meet Jairy Jr.

We have seen this group with babies before, but they always keep the babies well away from the house, so this was a treat to get to see one of these cute little critters this close. I’m pretty sure that Jairy Jr.’s mom is one of last year’s  ‘3 little pigs’. They were unusually friendly and inquisitive. Once, one came right up and put her snout on my leg! If this one is now, a proud mommy, I guess she wanted to show off her little bundle of joy. And in doing so, literally brought him/her right up to the porch! (2 ft.)

We were delighted to watch the little guy explore his surroundings, until it looked like mom wanted to come right up ON the porch…

(Notice her friend in the back going “what the ‘F’ are you doing!”)

At this point we had to shoo them away. Jairy moved  his family to his favorite shady mesquite hangout where they lounged under the bird feeder for about 1/2 hour while mom fed the baby. Then, they made their little single file and marched on.

If this is any indication of  things to come…