Orange Blossom Bliss

For the past two weeks, we have been living in a state of fragrance induced euphoria! If you have never smelled orange blossoms…well….you are missing the sweetest, most lovely scent to ever tickle your senses! Planting two orange trees right off the porch is one of the best ideas that Todd has ever had:)

We don’t even have to wait for the actual oranges to get a buzz! Currently, loaded with blossoms, you can go stick your head up between the trees and get totally buzzed…by the bees! Hundreds of bees have been having orangy orgees that you can hear just sitting on the porch…BBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! If you watch the trees from a distance and unfocus your eyes, it looks like they are moving, in a weird, supernatural sort of way!

In the mornings, as the sun is rising and there’s still a good chill in the air, it appears that a few bees have spent the night, too drunk on nectar to fly home. This bee was actually frozen like this on a blossom. Not dead, just really slow from the cold. When it warms up, he’ll be back at it!

After two weeks of this wild orangiastic activtiy, the trees have been, for the most part, deflowered. The ambrosian  aroma still lingers in the air….

And an orange is born…

I’m so looking forward to that screwdriver!!

Love at first scent!

The orange blossoms popped today! I wish there was some way to transport the fragrance via the internet!…(Hmmmm….I bet that technology isn’t too far off!) Anyway….Imagine the most delicate, sweet and potent fragrance wafting about, as you sit on the porch, watching the spring sunset and sipping sangria. It’s that time of year! Oranges to come in February. So we have about 2 weeks of heavenly scents, then another 10-11 months before the heavenly crop.

This is how they look today….

This is how they will look in a few days….

And in February…..

I can’t even tell you  how Todd has babied these trees for 6 years. It’ been well worth it! Totally Orange-gasmic!