Desert Dragons

Believe it or not, we do have dragons in the desert…

Scales & Tails plus a little lizardly wizardry, make these fantastic creatures  a favorite in Todd’s Backyard!

The Collared Lizards forage on all of the less desirable creepy crawlers in the yard!

This is a little female that last year, liked to hang out with us on the porch.

Mr. Man won her over with his dazzling display of color and coolness!

The ‘Desert Dragons’ are coming out of their winter hibernation now. You’ll almost always catch one lounging in the sun, on a rock or in a tree. Every now and then they’ll waddle up on the porch to get a grape. These dragons don’t breath fire, but they do breath a bit of magic and mystery into the into the blazing seasonal inferno that we call ‘Summer’.