The Bobcat that Ate the Owl

Based on a true story….

There once was a bobcat that ate an owl. You might ask why….or you might ask how?

It was nine o’clock this fateful night, when all was quiet and dark. The stars were bright. Nothing was stirring, the landscape serene, except for the darting eyes watching and waiting, unseen.

Finally, a small noise broke the silent surveillance.The watcher’s gaze zeroed in, hungry and intense. A shuffle came from the porch where humans sit by day. But tonight, it was where little mice came to play!

Another night stalker’s ears perked as well,  perched by the pond where his thirst, he would quell. Mice would be nice, perhaps for a snack.  But, would it really be worth his time to attack?

As he pondered at the pond, a drink?… or a swim?… His revery was cut short, when a silent swoosh flew past him.  Oh my! What’s this? A bird out at night? And it landed right by him, to his feline delight!

The mouse, by the house had eaten a crumb. The owl ate the mouse, but this move was quite dumb. The cat ate the owl…Dumb luck may say some. Nay, I cry foul!!…Or fowl?, this should not be! If you are an owl, please, stay in the tree 😉



At 8 o’clock this morning, we had a knock at our back door. It was our neighbor, bearing a dead hawk that had just hit their window and broke it’s neck in hot pursuit of it’s prey. It was a smaller hawk, we believe it was a sharp-shinned hawk, that had just moved down south for the winter months. (Probably why he wasn’t used to the reflective glass on the house windows)….It could be a Cooper’s hawk, but I don’t think it was big enough.

I took a photo as a memorial….

Kind of morbid, but still beautiful in death, as if he still has his eyes focused on his target.

Later, this afternoon, we were sitting out on the porch discussing the unfortunate event with our neighbor’s. Just then, another hawk starting buzzing around the yard, stirring up all the little birds. It swooped down and landed just a few feet off of the porch. At first we thought it may be the mate of the deceased, but I’m pretty sure this one was a Cooper’s Hawk…it looked larger, and a little different coloring…

But, I guess you just never know. Regardless, whoever or however this beautiful bird might be related to the poor guy that met his maker, having this momentary connection made the horrible event a little easier to bear.