Winter Glow

Todd’s Backyard is starting look a little different as Christmas approaches and winter sets in. Surprisingly to some, it’s very festive even before we’ve put up our Christmas lights! Of course, we don’t have the snow, (but then, you never know!). However, we do enjoy the winter glow…

The chilly mornings take on a different hue as the moon rises with the sun. At the same time, to the west, the ‘Christmas Tree of Lights’ sits on the hill overlooking Todd’s Backyard, still lit in the early hours of the morning…

The  winter days tend to warm back up, but the evening and morning chill has taken it’s effect on the desert residents. The dirt monkeys, squirrels, lizards and tortoise are burrowed in, hibernating until spring. Some of the other residents have put on their winter coats….


And for those of us who are not ready to put on our winter duds…Todd created a cozy hangout where we can enjoy the winter season in the warm glow of  friendship, fine wine, and a toasty fire….ahhhhhhh……

We are so looking forward to the Holidays!

A Cool Evening!

Well, I think the desert summer has finally phased into the desert fall….and it’s cool! Really! The temp is dipping down to the low 70’s! Now, I know that doesn’t sound very cold to some folks, but the sudden shift in temps is a bit of a shock to us desert dwellers! Our outdoor apparel has changed….We had to trade our shorts and flip-flops for sweats and slippers.  Sitting on the porch, enjoying Todd’s Backyard is perfect this time of year. The crisp air, the earlier sunsets,  the smell of wood fires in outdoor fireplaces. The other night was a great example…

The harvest moon came out early, while the sun was still setting, providing  the perfect scenery for our 5:30 happy hour!

While the moon was rising to the East, the sun was setting in the West…

And looking just South, we got this view…

The recent storms have really made this fall somewhat unusual. The rain is what really cooled us down all of a sudden. And with it, brought some spectacular  visual leftovers! We hope it will be a wet winter, as it has been a wet year, since the beginning of last spring! Todd’s backyard may turn into a prickly rain-forest! Now, that might be cool!

Sunrise or Sunset?

I don’t know about you, but it seems like every day I’m trying to pull my head above water and breath some optimism into my life. I don’t mean to sound morbid or depressed, but times now are kind of scary! Todd’s and my life has been blessed… But,  I’m more concerned for this world than I have ever known. I do pray everyday….And I’m not even a church goer!…Thats right…I Don’t Go To Church (God forgive me!)…But I know that I’m so blessed to have a sanctuary like Todd’s Backyard, to keep me focused and and centered in God’s love.  I pray for my family, I pray for my friends, I pray for this country, I pray for everyone in this world!

Some of the  most inspirational times in Todd’s Backyard, to me, are the spectacular sunrises and sunsets in the desert.

The most amazing sunsets are before, or after the worst storms!

‘The Eye of God’

The thing is, all of the photos that we’ve captured, have been of sunsets, even though the sunrises can be just as spectacular!

It makes me think about Benjamin Franklin, when he sat, in physical misery, at the Constitutional Convention. He kept his mind off of his physical pain by staring at the back of a chair which was carved with a sun…..He could not tell if, in this carving, the sun was rising or setting.

I think a lot of folks these days, think that the sun is setting, on their lives, on this nation, on this world….But I do believe the best could, and will  be ahead…because with the storm, the sunset may take your breath away, but there is always a sunrise to come!