I think a better word for Fall, is Full. Everything is full…. the rain gauge (almost 10″ this year so far!), the billowing, late monsoon clouds, cactus loaded with fruit, trees lush with leaves, critters feasting and getting ready to¬† hibernate, hearts getting ready for the holidays. It has to be the best time to live in the desert!

The white wing dove’s nest’s are still full, with the 3rd and final round of summer babies before they leave for the winter.

The prickly pears are bursting with a bounty of fruit, ready to pick now through the end of October. We’ve already been picking some of the fruit for our favorite resident…

T.L.’s favorite!…and she is certainly getting her fill before she hibernates!

Our other favorite residents, Jairy (the javelina) and his buddies, are bringing their little one’s around so they can fill up for the cooler months to come.

The birds are thick….migrating through the backyard, keeping Todd on his toes, trying to keep the feeders full.

Not to mention the hummingbird feeders, which get drained every night (this time of year), with the bats coming through to feed! Although luckily, the hummers have a few other sources in the yard for their sweet sustenance.

We are looking forward to our own sweet treats later this fall.We are going to get the mesquite beans milled into flour. We’ve collected and filled two 5 gallon pails, which will hopefully yield enough flour to make…um…..something…sweet???

We should also have a bumper crop of oranges, come February! There are literally hundreds of little oranges growing on the two orange trees in Todd’s Backyard.

We are truly thank-full to have made it through the Summer to enjoy this beauti-full and bounti-full fall!

Gotta Love the Doves!

When love is in the air, doves are everywhere! Spring brings many varieties of doves to Todd’s Backyard. You always see them in pairs…they mate for life…

The Mourning Doves are year around residents.

This must be love at first sight! There could not be a happier sound than doves cooing when they are wooing!

These are the White Winged doves…a little larger and probably more prolific than their Mourning relatives! Their nests are always full. They get to be kind of pesky around mid summer, as they over run the feeders. Luckily, in the fall, parents with their many offspring, leave and make their way to Mexico for the winter.

The Turtle Doves are newer residents….

We have a pair now, that should provide more dovely photos! Maybe they’ll stick around for Christmas…Ha! But I guess instead of a partridge in a pair tree, we’ll have to settle for a quail in a prickly pear?